Don’t Buy the Acer Netbook- Get the Asus EEE

I have a Acer Aspire netbook. Now it is all right.. just all right.  It does the job, but other machines might be better.  Here are the reasons that I do not like it the best.

  • No external WiFI antenna hookup.  At a truck rest area for example, a truck will pull beside you and cut off your connection.
  • FUNKY is tiny, and the slightest mistake will bring up all sorts of weird things.
  • Windows XP sucks on these machines.  It loads like molasses.
  • NO..the ATOM will not run games.  Forget that idea.  Even if you could the keys are sticky and tiny.
  • Hard to install many Linux distros on this machine.

I would forgive the tiny keys, but it has different functions and I keep losing my work.  A missed key and all of a sudden some other applications pops up.  Windows XP is on there..with all it’s required JUNK… anti virus programss etc.   I hate the lack of a external WiFi antenna connector.

My opinion on these?  Go ahead with the SSD models, the ones that only have a 8GB solid state drive.  You can buy external drives cheap, and also the wonderful SD cards.. I love SD cards.  The keys on the Acer are a real problem.  It ain’t a DESKTOP.  I do not even like the big laptops..but would recommend just getting a miniITX machine.


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