Last of the Mohicans

Most of the street people are over 40,  many over 50. Their parents gone,  some of them, or they don’t give a shit.  Bush is always going on about “Family”.  I take it- his own.  Most families are dysfunctional,  and to the extreme.  We don’t have a bunch of lawyers or accountants or whatever.  Just straight out, working chumps. I DO mean chumps.  We all lost our houses.  My sister by that adjustable rate mortgage, and fights and divorces.  My brother by divorce.  Mine by design.  I did not even WANT a house here.  I don’t want to pay $11,000 in taxes for the fuckin’ Kansas City Chiefs.

Land has endless problems.  It’s been complicated, taxed, and bamboozled by fuckin’ lawyers and other crooks.  I wouldn’t give a damn if the “terrists” got to ’em right now!  I done played that game, called “kill the commies for democracy”. A large section, indeed, the wealth section of society does NOTHING but complicate things, and maniplulate things to make money.  As in Dennis DiConcini’s land manipulations in Arizona, for instance.  He buys up a bunch of worthless land in the desert..and what do you know.. why an interstate is going to be built right through there.

The scams of the wealthy are vast in scope compared to the street crime around here.  They are so staggering..they are not even called crimes..they are just “what is”..and the “way it’s supposed to be”.

Meanwhile..the poor are locked in a desperate meat grinder.  Checking the prices at the Aldi’s and making sure not to let a peep out as the local rich fuckers (with the cops behind them)..just fuck them in the ass.  That is what I can’t stand.   All you have made can be taken at the stroke of a pen.  So you had better keep an eye out for whoever is making up the “law” at the present moment.

Poor Chrissy gets through the rehab program,  but her family support shrivels. It’s all about that money.  She can’t sustain the triangle,  that survival triangle,  so she goes right back to the street.   They are not supposed to associate with the same associates, but the reality is- they are right back to it.  It is just a matter of the way people are..the way the pieces fit in this world.

She wants to stay at my crib,  but I can’t do it.  That pimp will come back around, and cause me trouble.   She is a red hot potato.. marked with a Scarlet A.  Sigh she will NEVER stop and she’ll drag me into her shit.

Many people get discharged from the prison system,  with X amount of years.   They want to apply their prison mentality to the street..and end up right back in there.   The prisons merely harden people..make their resentment  and resolve even deeper.  The prison  sentences vary wildly also.  I’ve seen people get15 years for stealing $40…while people that sold pounds and pounds of drugs get out of it.

For this, and other reasons..I’m not very patriotic. I am not even SLIGHTLY patriotic, though I am a U.S. veteran.  Nope.  They sold us out long ago.  So..well..what happens  is gonna happen.  What would I defend?  A Wal Mart flag?

The hard experiences you see..well they make life’s rewards all the sweeter.  Even now I am visualizing that Regio Pollo down in Dallas.  YUMMMY!   Back at the house,  I’ll go down and get some of those great tacos from Charrito’s.   Charrito’s makes a great,  unusual Taco.  This taco made from a homemade tortilla,  then folded up as it’s really funky looking..and very thin and crisp.   It’s home made.  Not..pre folded and deep fried.  Love the salsa too and the way they season the meat.  Hardly seasoned at all,  which is the way to do it.  They are beefy, and the salsa just enough.  Not laden down with chili powder.  Eyuukk.   Blows away Taco Bell (yukk).   I am a foodie..and why not?  Why not eat the costs about the same.

I myself,  am the last of the mohicans.  As far as “family”  goes there is the funeral,  then the bitter affair of the will…with X wives coming out of the woodwork.   Like a wolf pit.

It’s a selfish world, and your eyes open when the gloves really come off. It is.. SURVIVAL.  People come from a variety of environments.  Each person you meet- they are a different experience and universe.


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