Computers and the Po’

I am a natural born, computer nerd. Most people in the inner city don’t know how to use computers, or they are lamers.  People that use AOL, etc. The net is the biggest thing..the best thing, but few of the people I meet take advantage of it. They just go as far as the X box.   Almost everyone can benefit from  the net.    I am so grateful for the opportunity to express myself.    I am really surprised that anyone would read what I have to say,  what I choose to say..’cos the net is so VAST. Most people want me to look up who’s in jail,  or found a porn site.  I am not kidding.   I do not want a bunch of legal problems, but it is an ongoing thing.  Check out  There is the usual suppression,  but there are hundreds of ads on there for escorts, etc.   The local girls are eager to get on there…sheesh.

A jail sentence, or even a prison sentence does not daunt them one bit.  They are back at it,  almost the minute they get out..and usually by the very first day!

I have given up on them.  THIS weekend..THIS weekend..I am locking myself in my apartment..getting some curry paste..and going to town with some curry chicken.  I am also eager to try butter chicken.

The logic of the poor is this:  does it make me any money? If not, then let’s move right along.   Welp that is the way it is.  People in the inner city think about NOTHING ELSE..but money.  But hey, I guess that is the way it is, all over.  There is almost no discussion, no dialog, about anything BUT money.


One thought on “Computers and the Po’

  1. You are right about people not using the Net to their full advantage, I am a Professional driver and enjoy it.
    My formal education Stopped after High School But I have been attending the University of Google. There is so much out there to occupy the mind,
    If a person wants an education in what ever it is that interest them all they have to do is Google it and there it is.
    The Internet has opened so many doors for me, I would be lost with out it.

    You write a lot about food on this blog so I will share one of my favorites with you and how to make it.

    Chicken packages
    this is just a general guide so you can add what ever or subtract to your taste… It is hard to goof up.

    1St start with tin foil… about 12″x12″
    2nd about 1/3 of a cup of instant rice… Dry.. (just add ingredients on top of tinfoil)
    3rd 1 or 2 table spoons of butter
    4th some stewed tomatoes about 1/4 cup
    5th a nice Chicken breast or any part of chicken you prefer.
    Just keep piling all these ingredients on top of the tinfoil.
    6th Diced potato’s, cut onions, or any other veggie you like.
    7th your choice of sauce, I like soy, I have used Italian dressing, Worcestershire sauce. Any sauce you like in any combo you like.

    then wrap all ingredients together in the foil seal it up nice,
    place in baking dish and put in oven at 350 for one hr.

    Mos people I cook this for love it and it only takes a few min. to prepare


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