Runnin My Socks off..but it beats bein broke

Trucking companies have a reputation for being crooks..and it is well deserved. Your  “weekend off” will turn into a few hours.   The turnover for over the road truckers is very high..200% and some companies as high as 700%.

You get like a jet lag from driving all the time,  especially at night.  I am listening to the self help gurus and advisors.. yeap.  Great advice except for one thing?  Where’s the money.

There are sweet spots though. I eat some splendid curry at a place in Indiana,  at Spiceland,IN exit 23 I believe..or was it 123? was VERY good..the place elaborate..not like a american truck stop.  It was gourmet compared to the place in Oklahoma City.   They offer quite a variety of India curries.  Eh.. JRR’s offers pretty much the same stuff.  Basmati Rice.  Naan bread.  Chicken curry.   This place has lots more variety.  Vindaloo, etc.  It’s a little more elaborate, and much more expensive than JRR.

Curry is not big with truckers though.  Truckers like that chicken fried steak.  Uggg.


It is billy cold outside, and a night of wild adventure as I run a load of beer  up US61, to US34, to US63, to Iowa 163.   The adventure being finding a place to get fuel additive   These roads are great.  4 lanes,  just like the Interstate,  but very remote and lonely.. I find a place to get fuel additive so my fuel won’t gel as the temperature drops to 8F.   My fuel tanks dropped to 1/4 and this is dangerous because the fuel will gel sooner as the tanks get low.  I listen to some “Dimension X” and they are quite entertaining,  though very dated.  Then, a fight with my dispatcher as he wants me to run another 700 miles…and I am tired to the bone.

People don’t realize what happens.  Indeed..the “news” just shows a small smattering of what actually happens in the world.


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