At “Home” How Depressing

Few people realize what a shit hole much of the United States is.  Around here it is uncommon to find a full, natural set of teeth.  Many can’t even afford dentures.  They are wandering around all over the place, and back streets are just filthy with trash.  It is VERY bad.  Many of the apartments and shack like houses are boarded up.  Amidst the squalor though, are some splendid houses!  Some have been kept up, while others are boarded up and in disrepair.

The garbage and trash in the back streets are appalling.  I mean it is BAD.. Tijuana is better.  I am not kidding, but BETTER than this place.  The same old desperados are hanging around.  The place full of crooks in various stages of probation, parole, etc.   Man I just RUN into my apartment.   My apartment ain’t bad.  It’s BIG ..and I have lived here for some time now.

I’s just superstition.  Bad can happen anywhere, and so can good.  There are street hustlers here, but that is what the world is, pretty much.  Everyone’s hustling for what they want.

Curry sauce is what I am hustling for, and I go to the Chinese grocer.  Lo and behold, I look on line and Wally Mart has a better selection than the chinese grocer.  Now Thai Curry and other stuff,  well there’s lots of variety.  I hate that fishy smell in the grocer though.  Can’t stand it.  I get some Patak Curry sauce and will try it out tonight.

Why CURRY?  Why my interest? Curry was invented, or came about originally to make bland, or even bad cuts of meat taste good.  It worked in this case.  I cooked some beef that I put in the freezer and thawed.  The taste is not as good as fresh, but that curry made it all right.  This was the Patak Dopiaza Curry Sauce.  Curry sauce- this is like the “Ragu” of curries.  You just put it in to whatever item you have cooked up.  The curry paste you have to cook up.  Thai Curry is usually mixed with Coconut Milk, and/or Coconut cream. The Dopiaza is tangy, but not hot like some of them.  Success too.  It is GOOD.  There are MANY variety of curry.  Garam Masala,  Tikka Masala.  Madras.  Don’t ask me about them.. ‘cos I have not tried them- yet.  The curry sauce can really make some chicken legs or thighs special, for instance.  Love it.  India restaurants are generally very expensive in the USA.

Curry is very filling, and makes me feel good to eat it.  It’s got lots of spices and herbs in it.  Cumin, anise, cardomon.  It lays well on the stomach.  My stomach don’t have to work so hard to digest it, like say, a hamburger and fries.  The Curry also stretches out the meat, and many people just use vegetables.  The varieties are SIMILAR..but that’s where it ends.  India curry very different from Thai Curry, and the varieties are different.  When I eat curry I am not hungry again for a long time. time, I will try the Tikka Masala.  This is the most popular curry.


2 thoughts on “At “Home” How Depressing

  1. I don’t know your entire situation but it sounds like you need to find a new town to call home. I live here in Colorado and I have never seen the type of doom and gloom like you describe, Sure there are crack houses and street walkers but not like where you describe.

    life is what you make it and here in Colorado it is better than most parts of amerika. Jobs are getting harder to find but aren’t they everywhere?

    it is good to see your blog I enjoy reading it.
    thanks for sharing


    • Indeed Bryan..there is NOTHING like this place in Colorado.. I go to Dallas, Chicago, Memphis..all of the big cities. Right Now I am in Des Moines. This ain’t blarney I am posting. Hmm..I need to make some pix and video. Sure would like to move buddy! Independence Avenue in Kansas City is listed on the World Sex guides. So are the motels out on Highway 40. You have no idea of what happens in neighborhoods such as these. It is pretty sleazy.


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