Unshackled THAT is what it is like

THAT..is what life is like in the inner city. Right here in the USA.  I keep hearing that Bunny,  a local prostitute got killed.  Sigh..this woman has mental problems..and can’t make it..she is not mentally capable of even being a prostitute.    The rumors fly and I have to stop and get a grip, get a milk.  My sister in the hospital,  my Aunt just had major, major surgerty to remove cancer from her back..  this earth seems like a HORROR story often tome..and I am relatively prosperous and unscathed.

Dealing with your self is the hardest part in this world..dealing with your self and your situation.  Man..I suppose by the title of this blog people would think it to be..”stock up on guns, food,water..and canned goods!”

In a way, I suppose it is though.  People are very predacious in the USA.  Especially in the inner city though.  People make a joke out of the judicial system.  Often I think of James Lee Burke’s novels, about a detective in New Orleans.

Maybe Bunny is alive..locked up somewhere..I hope.  The girls and people around there get locked up all the time.  Jail in Kansas City is miserable.. the food and health conditions very bad.

But even my more well heeled aquaintances have problems of their own.  Man..it’s like a HORROR movie or something.   It’s like Unshackled, and man it’s that way all over the USA.  “The Screwing of the Average Man”..and I like NONE..have NO support for any of the political figures in the USA today.


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