Linux Really IS Better

I get Linux working, my faith restored. What did I do?  I just installed another copy of Linux Mint 7.  You know what the system does? It doesn’t even give a hiccup.  Windows would probably have a FIT.  I have the drive all hacked into partitions..there are TEN partitions on it now.. one has Linux Mint 8,  2 have Linux Mint 7 on them.  Of course I will delete these and clean it up.. but that is why I like Linux.  LINUX DOESN’T CARE WHAT FILE SYSTEM YOU USE. It can use several different file systems…and can use file systems that would make Windows go banannas.

The Linux GRUB bootloader is what gives most people fits.  There is a pretty simple cure for it, as a matter of fact several cures, and I will post as soon as I have explored more.  People go nuts and start cursing Linux because it is still on there, but the cure, especially if you have Windows and want to go back to it, is simple.  My system gives me the choice of Linux Mint 7,  Windows, or the old copies of Linux Mint that are still on the hard drives.  I will delete these.  The Linux Mint 7 had a video error of some sort.. I just didnt bother to figure it out.  Linux Mint installs in about 15 minutes, so I stopped fighting and just installed it again.  Yup.

You can’t beat the price of Linux- FREE.   Myself, I am liking it more and more.  You can have as many, of whatever O.S. you want and Linux won’t even hiccup.   It seems to be really better than Microsoft products, but you must take the time to figure it out.  I use Thunderbird for mail, and Opera for my web browser.  I really like Opera.  Seems a little faster, and has some neat features…but it’s still not a browser that designers take into account when they make web pages.


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