Colder than a Billy Stick

Brrr.. it’s cold.  I was up in Morris, IL on Christmas Eve.. like -24 with the wind chill.  It was COLD.. slept there, my APU keeping me warm.  A ‘APU’ is a small diesel engine that most trucks have nowadays.  It is small, designed to idle and keep the truck warm or cool, and to keep the batteries charged.  Yeap.  COLD.

The poor as usual feel the pain the most.  People are in disarray everywhere.  The coppers picking up many of the local hookers, which is good.  I hope they are in a warm, decent place.  I mean, this is what it is like when people hit the ROCK BOTTOM.  It is indeed as hard as a rock.

Everyone is always going on about the “generosity of the American people” ..but I think that’s a bunch of bullshit.  Frankly,  I think the news media and government just fill the american people and the world in general, a bunch of bull shit.  I once told Kissy Chris.. “you know Chris, no one out there gives a shit about anyone else, so what do you expect?”.

Let me rephrase that: It’s not that people do not notice the pain of others, it’s just that they are focused on their own desires.  Once my hairdresser wanted to clean my house for me, well my apartment.  Her price?  $250.  She was all feeling sorry for herself because she wanted a “nose job”.

Sheesh.  Kissy Chrissy gets a FREE “nose job”.. from her pimp that is, old G.P.  He’s beat the crap out of her so many times I can’t count them.  What do the coppers do? NOTHIN.  They do NOTHING about it, and help NO ONE.   She can’t escape.  Her family won’t help her, except to give her a bunch of advice and bull shit.

The cops finally threw her in jail, and she went through the rehab program (manned by a bunch of ex dopers).  These places, along with the jail, are just places where people ‘hook up’.  It is miserable to watch really.  They are like these frightened dogs in a dog pound.  And man- they have a reason to be frightened.  The whole time she was in there, her pimp G.P. was just waiting for her to get out.

That is what gets me, really.  The T.V. shows are like “CSI” where they track down a killer.  The reality- the cops don’t give a shit.  They want more money, just like everyone else.  Up in Chicago there was a story about a guy who got out of prison (after two weeks).. and beat a woman so badly that he knocked 20 teeth out of her.  Can you imagine how hard such a beating was?  Probably a pimp, like the pimps around here.

Well, maybe people are nicer than we think.  My heart goes out to other people’s pain in this world, and there is SO MUCH OF IT.  My Aunt had a back operation, cancer in her spine and I went to see the poor woman.  She lives out in the ‘burbs, far away from the sort of pain that I see around here.  Believe me, I would not wish her situation on anyone.  I like to get away and drive my truck, and it pays me money, and it is far away from the pain and problems of the people around me.

It is SURVIVAL.  That’s what it is.


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