The Ultimate Practical Operating System for Ordinary Folk

As I wrestle with the Grub installer..who don’t want to be deleted.. and get out UBCD4WIN…and wade through all this technical detail.  I think of what the SIMPLEST, most ULTIMATE system there could be for ordinary, non computer folks.

The problem is now, I don’t like Linux Mint 8 as well, besides, I want to try out some of the other Linux distributions.  I installed Mint 8 and now want to go back to Mint 7, or rather, I like Mint 7 better.

My siblings and others around me are ALWAYS crashing their machines, and getting stuck.  They are not like me, a nerd who spends all his time surfing and doing stuff.


  • Install Windows, and format the disk into NTFS and EXT2 partitions.
  • Burn your favorite Linux onto a CD, USB, or whatever.
  • Just run the thing from the Live CD.

Puppy Linux and other distros like MiniSys (or Muppy) are designed to operate this way.  Damn Small Linux is too,  Knoppix, and many others.  MiniSys Linux is the fastest LiveCD I have ever seen.  It really snaps on there, and loads faster than many normal operating systems, including Windows, LinuxMint, or any of the others.

Update: Well I just tried PCLinuxOS and SimplyMephis.  They are not as good as Linux Mint, in my humble opinion.  At least not as good, on my humble machine.  Nope.  They are not FAST like MuppyLinux or DamnSmall Linux, or Puppy Linux.  Eh well.  But who’s complaining? These OS are all for free? They’re great.  For a system like this, Mini Sys Linux or Puppy Linux or Damn Small Linux is the better choice.


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