Cheap Chinese SpyCam Reviews

I became intrigued in the cheap spycams available on Ebay. Tested were the GumCam 8GB new version, the KEYCHAIN Cam, the MD80 DC, and the MD80/H.

I’ll not include videos taken with these cams, because you can go on YouTube and this is a low bandwidth blog.

It took the cams about 3 weeks to arrive. Boy I thought they would NEVER get here.  I waited and waited, then they trickled in.

To make a LONG story short.. the Winner was- The KEYCHAIN CAM. To my astonishment.  Video taken with the GUMcam was sort of  acceptable, but when there is motion in the video, when people are moving around, the video blurs.  The controls are sort of funky too.  Ditto with the MD80’s. The video blurs when in motion, and the controls are hard to figure out.

The KEYCHAIN cam, on the other hand takes GOOD video.  Indoors, in the daylight, the video is very solid, nearly as good as a camcorder. The color is rich too, not washed out.  The controls are just TWO buttons, and it is very easy to figure out.  You’ll need to read the manual, but once you get the hang of it, it works well.  I liked the controls on the Keychain cam MUCH better than the other products.

The STILL images that it takes are very good, if you can hold still.  It does not tolerate camera shake.  The video has good color, and motion of the subjects does not blur the video.

The PHOTO function you need good light and a steady hand.  It’s easy to do though, just point, click, *pause while it copies it to the microSD card, then click again.  Very handy for such a tiny, unobtrusive device.  

The GUMcam is supposed to take photos, but I never did figure it out, and the same with the MD80’s.  The Keychain cam’s simplicity of operation makes up for the poor, and I mean VERY poor manuals that come with these video recorders.

I was astonished. As the Keychain cam.. I dont even remember what I paid for it, about $12 Shipping included.  This is the Keychain cam that looks like a car remote, very small, very lightweight.

I do not know WHY the video was so much better.  They are much the same.  The LENS on the Keychain cam is the smallest of ALL.  But the video is much better.  I’ve used all three many times, in light, low light, and at night in a lighted parking lot.

For the money, $12 shipped.. the KeyChain cam is indeed, the poor man’s camcorder. The files come off of all of them easily via USB 2.0, with the exception of the GUmcam.  The files got locked on the GUmcam, guess I’ll have to go to the teeny, tiny chinese character product guide, and figure it out, after I get a magnifying glass, that is.


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