The Bravery of Everyday People

Man, that’s what I think about people. I see people around me deal with problems that I could NEVER face.  It is making me depressed this Christmas.  My despondent family- they don’t even wanna have Christmas!  The people out in the street are screwed, like usual.  Kissy Chris is outta rehab, and right back to it.. living the “Life”.  It is a hard life that people are living around here.  For the waitresses, homeless, truck drivers.  It is VERY hard when you start out with nothing, especially for these girls.  I think they get duped again,  and again.   Oh God, the beating that people take.

The street people meet up in jail, and form associations.  It’s a matter of survival, not preference.  That’s the only people that will have anything to do with them.  It’s like they’ve got the Scarlet “A” branded on them.. a curse upon them. To help them, well you will get yourself mixed up in thier bullshit.

Meanwhile, my family deals with illness.. cancer, and other HUGE problems that make mine pale in comparison.  Actually- I am doing pretty good!

I busy myself with my hobbies.. computers.. video gadgets..JOOMLA.. my job.. cooking things.  ANYTHING.. to stop thinking of the human drama that is going on all around me.

Often, I am reminded of those old Radio serials, which I listen to all the time.  Yep.  Life has a ..mysterious quality to it.  People will be winning big, have the world on a string, and then.. *poof*.

I listen to Audio by the Gurus.. Eckhart Tolle,  Dick Sutphen, and others, to soothe my mind and emotions, or at least, follow their instructions to keep a hold of myself in this mysterious world.


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