Thai Curry

Hardly seems a “Urban Survival” subject eh? Curry was originally made to cover up the taste, or non taste, of cheaper cuts of meat, or even vegetables.  You have to make a little investment at first.  Choose the Mae Ploy curries, the yellow (medium) is the one I like.  Thai curry is VERY hot.  It is different, much different than the varieties of India Curry.

In the USA, at Thai restaurants it is expensive, because it is not common here.  You can make a decent curry.  Any Asian grocer will have the ingredients.  Thai Curry paste,  and coconut milk or coconut cream.

It is served over rice, and has a very unusual flavor.  I really like it. Tonight I made mine with boneless chicken breast,  shrimp,  fresh spinach and Pinapple (from a save a lot can, choose the rings).   VERY good.  Probably not restaurant quality, but close enough, and mine was not so hot.

This food is VERY hot.  At the restaurants even the medium yellow curry will make my nose run.  The Mae Ploy is not as hot as restaurant curry.

It’s very creamy.. with the coconut cream and/or milk.  It’s kind of a aquired taste, but after the first batch, the price to make it goes down, and it’s fairly easy to make.

I like to cook the meats first, then set them make sure they get done.  I used cooked shrimp for this first attempt.  It came out quite good.. tasty..and a real change of pace.  You could use it with pork steak, for instance, and it would be a very nice change of pace.

Update:  Tonight I made it again, with just chicken..didnt have pinapple so I just used some canned pears.  This is YUMMY stuff..that sauce would make anything taste good.  It’s cheap too.  The coconut milk only costing 99 cents..the curry paste $2.50 for a jar that will last a long time.


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