A Course in Miracles..and “The Secret”

I study these books on audio while on the road.  I love these.. Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” is about the Law of Attraction..  A Course in Miracles is about the nature of God. How I wish I would have studied these earlier in life.  But, my parents could only teach what they knew.

That’s the rub.  People can only give you, what they are…and people are extremely immature and limited.. even “great leaders” such as Joseph Stalin..who rose to the pinnacle of power, well,  thier minds were immature and limited.  Same as with Adolph Hitler, who had some rather crazy ideas.  It is scary that these men rose to the pinnacle of social power in the world.  Scary indeed.

A Course in Miracles is as spacey as a religious text from India.  I am still studying these.

The social part of life is the hardest part.  My mind is limited.  People cheer one minute, then boo the next.  Who do I admire most in this world?  A good auto mechanic.  You never see them in the news.  Not a race car mechanic, not the guy on  Monster Garage.  But a knuckle bustin’ mechanic who works all day, on ever kind of car imaginable.

To me, these guys are the greats, the good ones, that is.  It is hard to find a good one.  The guy I take my car to will go to the junkyard and get parts for me, if he can.   Fifty bucks an hour, but man, he earns it.   The wiring is shot.  People have abused the cars.  Today’s cars are very complicated, and it seems like, not designed to be repaired at all!

We’re supposed to go into debt to finance whatever Deetroit Chrome Mountain they come up with next, at whatever price they want us to pay!


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