11/27/09 A bunch more homicides.  Man… The woods are full of hustlers around here.  Tamelina says there is a homicide up at Schneider’s..with a gleam in her eye.  This is up at Prospect and Independence Avenue. I think life imitates art. It is a terrible thing really, and maybe it is nothing, as Tamelina is quite drunk.  She’s a local hustler and Kansas City is full of hustlers.

My Urban Survival advice? Study ANYTHING..but the people around you. They’re full of themselves as a Christmas Goose.  People are ..egotists..full of themselves, and we all use each other to play roles in whatever play we project in the world.  So project a NICE world.. project a Good one.   I suppose the world of the wealthy is full of the same crap, except on a bigger scale.  Dunno.  Don’t have the credit rating to play in that game.

The highlight of my weekend is seeing my family, then back here where I make my potato soup, then some spaghetti this weekend.  That potato soup.. man I love the stuff.. it’s more like “potato stew”.  Well..that is how I get my kicks.  This is about Urban Survival, not “Urban Thrills”.  People are getting thier thrills out in the darkness all right,  it’s like a damn horror story, when you think of it.

There are the street hustlers,and there are the government hustlers, and all are hustling, for what they want.  Our world is a tough place.  I do not understand why it has to be so tough, but it is.

You got to pray, and keep on praying.  Believe me, I do.


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