Experience Holds a Very Dear School

……But fools will learn in no other.”- Ben Franklin. One of my favorite quotes of all time, and boy you can see that all around you.  There is so much pain around me it’s like a festering sore..you can feel it.  People age.  They get hurt from various things..on the job.. at the house.. in thier cars.  That stupid booze makes fools out of people, and so do the drugs that people take, trying to relieve thier pain.

The worst seems to be the mental and emotional angst around me, as people carry thier pain with them.

One book I detest the most is “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”- by Richard Carlson.  I would like to sock this man right in the eye.  Today DOES matter.. this moment..DOES matter..and you can pay dearly, pay for the rest of your life, or even have your life end, by not watching what you are doing.  It is NOT “all small stuff.”..but often very BIG stuff.

It might not matter in a hundred years, but boy, it is SURE gonna matter next weekend.  Maybe not to some dude looking at history book.  Eh, it’s not gonna matter to HIM.  But boy, it is SURELY gonna matter to YOU.

THERE AIN’T NO MULLIGANS, no Do-OVERS. God will forgive, yes, but people, society NEVER will.  The reason I picked Mr. Carlson is because of one crack addicted chick who said..”well don’t sweat the small stuff.”.  She wound up in prison.  As for the swath of pain she left behind her, she was like a tornado.  Giving birth to kids who will never have a home unless adopted.  Abusing her body like she was superman or something.  She was always quoting that book.

Self help gurus in general.. well they can’t be quite relied on. Thier advice is often taken quite out of context.  I somethings think that the psych community the most damaging of all, and people are incredibly damaging to one another.


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