Phuck Windows

That’s my advice.  ABANDON IT NOW, just like they outta abandon the spending spree in Irak. Linux Mint’s a lot better, and is going to get nothin’ BUT better.  Dunno if they will figure out something though.   A way to tax it so they can save Bill Gates’ ass.  He will have no place to rid his horsey, for cryin’ out loud!

Just installed a new 300GB drive to give life to my old AGP machine.  I AIN’T RUNNING OUT AND SHELLINNG MONEY for the latest, neato frito Intel machine either!  Man you can get a X box to run games on.  You should see my junk-o machines too.  I got one that I paid $30 I am improving now.  YA DON’T NEED ALL THAT CRAP.  Save your money, and support your family!

Linux Mint is really good, and getting better.  I like it a lot, and it is good enough.  Man- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  It’s found all my drivers, and it works like windows, with click, and double click.  It mounts the drives automatically (most Linux’ didnt do this).  It’s slick, and very configurable with lots of downloadable desktops.  It’s easier on resources than Microsoft products.  You can use it on older machines..but not ANY older machine. Already another version of Linux Mint is coming out.

Did I mention there are LOTS of other versions of Linux around?  Ubuntu is very popular.  Linux Mint is a spin off of Ubuntu. Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux can be used without EVER installing the O.S. to your computer at all, EVER!  No registry or configuration files to be attacked by a virus. SLAX is great.. love it. MEPHIS is supposed to be really good, KNOPPIX.. there are many wonderful variants.  I like LINUX MINT the best so far, and I will stick with it.

I guess I’ll never compete in the latest, neato Frito, 3 D games.  Eh.. too bad.  I like my money in my hip pocket.  Instead of blowing money on a New Windows, and faster CPU and all that.. man.. invest in peripherals.  Or better yet- buy some new tires for your car. My computer is also my stereo.  I like my old Altec Lansing speakers, and over the years I have had great speakers, AR, Bose, etc.   Get some nice speakers.  You can get by with a Pentium III even.  My present machine is a Abit AGP board, with a Sempron CPU.  You can even buy an old machine that has USB 1.1 and put a USB 2.0 card in it, with tons of USB connections.

What does your computer DO for you.. that is the question. I can’t pay the rent with it, and I can’t eat it.  Most of these poor people around here can’t figure out what to do with a computer anyways, except lookup who’s in jail   People go to jail and STAY there for speeding tickets and everything else.  It is VERY good for a lot of things..paying bills..highly useful.  But Bill Gates acts like it’s an end in itself.  People in this world die of malaria for Pete’s sake.. they starve to death, and die of the most rudimentary medical conditions.. right here, in the good ole’ USA that those politicians seem to don’t even know exists.

What a computer DOES do is.. 1. look up things.  2. operate peripherals like printers, cams, etc… 3.use if for music and video.  4. Pay Bills.  5.Send Emails and recieve them. It is a marvel for these things.. wonderful!  YA DON’T NEED the highest powered CPU nor that Windows to do most of these things.

The great advantage of Linux is security.. but that’s not all.  In many areas Linux is far less finicky than Windows.  What sort of hard drive you use.  What type of filesystem you use. Plus you don’t have Bill Gates’ nose in your ass all the time.  I consider Windows a “back up Operating System”.  For programs you want to use, but have to have Windows to use.  Many of these will operate under Linux with the WINE emulator, it’s very easy.

Soon, I will build a Video Security System.  I might have to use Windows to use it.. I might.  WINE will run many programs that are not listed on the WINE compatibility site.  They have not been listed, because no one has reported them.  An example is the “iDaily Diary” program that I love to use.  WINE runs this very well.  The same with GRABIT.. another fav program of mine.


2 thoughts on “Phuck Windows

  1. I run PC Linux 2009 on my computer and love it.
    I don’t have any issues with it locking up or not sporting my hardware.
    PC Linux also has a package manager that you can use to find just about any useful software you would ever need.

    graduate from Window$ and run Linux

    Kool Blog


    • PC Linux or it’s PC OS Linux or something like that? If it is the one I am thinking of, it gets rave, rave reviews.

      I do not hate Mr. Gates. He worked hard on his product. Where would we be without MS DoS?

      BUT..the commercial basis..the money that Gates had to pour into Windows.. makes it a bloated, inefficient product and I am tired of Windows blowing up.. NO.. I don’t want to buy a bunch of software to guard against spyware. NO.. I don’t want to buy a bunch of software to restore Windows.

      Wanna play games? Buy an X Box. Or, a deck of cards.

      David Weddle


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