More Action at Fast Stop

They robbed that place once again.. just like on TV.  Guys with shotguns, made everyone get on the floor.  Holy cats.  I drive my semi truck all over the USA, and there is NOTHING like this place, like Kansas City, MO.  Like the Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City.  I keep wondering if them dope dealers pay the cops, just pay them off.  That is what I think happens.

They’re out there lurking 24/7, and it’s been going on for years.  Like 5 years since I’ve lived around here.

I like the life I see out in the rural areas when I am on the road.  I like other cities such as Dallas, TX.  Texas is my favorite state as a matter of fact.  I like a baked potato, too.

I see unemployment is at 10%. but man, there are jobs.  I rarely even think about losing my job.  I do my best at it, and I’ve done this work for over 20 years.  I try to think about the simple, not the exciting.   To focus on the joyous, not the soul destroying.  It all seems to coexist all at once.  No one writes about the grass growing, nor the trees, yep, they are still out there.

You couldn’t write a book and sell it…and say..”and then, the grass was growing”.  Chapter 2..”it kept on growing”..Chapter 3..”yep, the grass was growing in the sunlight”.  You couldn’t even write a children’s book..”Bob, the Blade of Grass”.


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