Linux Mint- not perfect yet

One thing that I ran into with Linux Mint 7.0…it’s sometimes hard to install packages.  I wanted a good USENET newsreader, but had the devil of a time, finally I just used WINE to use a WINDOWS program called Grabit to read the newsgroups.

Unless specifically ported to Linux MINT.. the packages are hard to find, they don’t show up on your program launcher.. many other users of Linux Mint have this problem.

But.. I still like it..and wills stick with it.



  1. Just wanted to say that i enjoy your website.

    I am not sure why it is i keep coming back to read your stories… I guess it is because it is nice to read an others thoughts.

    You have some interesting stories to share.

    Thank you

    Bryan In Colorado


  2. Linux Mint is superb for newbies, and the XFCE community edition is excellent on older hardware.

    But for ETHICAL reasons I won’t ever use or recommend Linux Mint. For THREE reasons:

    1 – While nothing they have done is illegal, and there is really no such thing as plagiarism in the world of Free and Open Source Software, Linux Mint seems completely plagiarized. Linux Mint is “Ubuntu with green paint” and multimedia codecs pre-installed. Other apps which are supposedly unique to Mint also appear to have “plagiarized.” MintMenu, for example, looks suspiciously like a green version of Gimmie (see Take the Number One Linux distro, change a little artwork, take Canonical’s name off of it and put your own name on; add a few multimedia codecs (of questionable legality in several countries like the United States and Japan) and other apps borrowed from elsewhere, and bingo! You’re a “Linux developer.” Now all you have to do is make a deal with Google and rig it up as an automated fund-raiser. Perfect. Make money and gain fame with your new “distro.” Linux Mint is an Ubuntu remix, not a true distribution.

    2 – Following “the Great Linux Mint Political Train Wreck” (see,2845,2346637,00.asp), Linux Mint has become an infamous project associated with anti-Semitic terrorism.

    3 – Because merely USING Linux Mint raises money for the project (thanks to the default automated fund-raising Google search feature), it is reasonable to assume that if the “developer” is a man of conscience who puts his money where his mouth is, that a portion of those funds may be used to benefit Hamas and other terrorist groups in the so-called “Palestinian cause.”

    Sorry. Great Ubuntu remix though it is, it is distasteful at best because of its politicization, and unworthy of the GNU/Linux community.


    1. Ah the purist..but this world isn’t very pure. I use what works..period. If these guys are making money, more power to them. Compared to Microsoft’s hype, these guys deserve sainthood.


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