A Course in Miracles

I listen to a Course in Miracles on the road. It’s very good, but even better are the lecturers, notably Marianne Williamson, who explain it in more detail.  She is lively, whereas the guy who narrates the original sort of.. monotonous.  A Course in Miracles had been the subject for a lot of different lecturers, but I like Marianne’s the best.  She’s funny and lively.  At first,  I thought she was a big fat woman, but indeed..she’s pretty too.  It’s uplifting listening to her version of the world rather than say,  Ann Coulter’s view of the world.  Ann Coulter is ugly to boot.

I listen to this stuff all the time, not just the radio plays like “Gunsmoke”.. all night radio, and audiobooks.   I listened to “Stalingrad” most of the way, until I got to sick of listening about a horrible time on earth.  Same thing with James Lee Burke’s “Cadillac Jukebox”…the part where he describes events in Angola Prison in the 1950’s.  Scary stuff.  James Lee Burke’s books are great,  he’s my favorite author.  I also have lots of mystery books and stuff, but get bored with it.  I like A Course in Miracles.. a lot.

Other guys read the bible, which I like but the lectures are.. boring.  The way the preachers read it.

Only a few people on this earth are awake, and truly live.  The rest of us.. we are sleepwalkers.

Old Dave the trucker loses his car. He buys this one chick a Mercury Cougar..then she gets drunk and totals it.  He’s 72 she’s 21.  A match made in heaven.  These bad girl types are all over northeast.  My Urban Survival advice?  Keep your dick in your pants.

One statement that Marianne Williamson made sticks out in my mind. The people in our lives, are our church.  Our congregation.  She’s a good speaker.  Lively and entertaining.


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