The New America

I go and eat some Somalian food. Well.. now they are here.. I do not mind.  But I am more worried about the indigent people.  People that were born and raised here.  This place is a mutant mix of everything under the sun.   Mexicans,  Nigerians,  Somalians..etc.   Some good, and some crooks.  There are LOTS of crooks in this ‘hood.  The drug problem is big here, and devastating.   It devastates the lives of the people that use drugs.

The U.S. government has totally fucked the American people, especially in the cities.. so I don’t go in for that “Patriot” shit.  I was in the military.  Spent the whole time at sea mostly on a damn cruiser.  To defend- WHAT?  To protect- WHO?

The American people are fun loving, but there is quite a sadistic side to them.  Angola State Prison in Louisiana compares to the worst shit holes all over the world.  Especially back in the 30’s, and even the 50’s.   They don’t give a shit about one another.  So why would I die for them?  Especially these monkeys around here.  Selling drugs, prostituting, etc.. it’s a coin toss as to whose is the WORST..that’s all.   Then the people at the “top” levels, they are even crueler and more hypocritical.

Oh well.  I could get a little silver whistle, and start blowing it, until my face turns blue. Don’t think anyone’s gonna listen though.

Man.. EVERY TIME I get home someone wants to get bailed out of jail.. borrow money, etc.  Dave, the other truck driver across the hall got badly burnt a couple of times.   Paid the chick’s rent,  had her electricity turned on, etc.  Then caught her in the sack with some dopeman.

My advice for urban survival?  Avoid women.  Man.. I’d rather have a baked potato or some chicken curry.   My brother once remarked,”women love drugs”.   These chicks around here are a ENDLESS source of trouble.  They don’t even seem to realize how much trouble they are IN.


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