Psychological Mutants

A term used by James Lee Burke in one of his “Dave Robicheaux” books. That is what people are like in the inner city, many of them.   George Bush’s family is this warm family that gets one another into governerships, etc.   With lots of money.

Many families don’t give a shit about one another, and there is quite a bit of friction.  I had one cousin die,  man, no one even knew he was dead for weeks.   People noticed the funny smell coming from his apartment.  They had to compare dental records to verify his identity, poor Mark.  He’d overdosed on back pain medication.  Now the family is making a big deal about suing the doctor, but hey.  No one gave a shit about him.  He didn’t fit in with the plan I guess.  American life is full of little horror stories,  like the House of Seven Gables, or even, “The Hound of the Baskervilles”.    Except maybe they are taking place in apartments.

One woman is writing a story about her brother, the vet, homeless and found beaten to death up in South Dakota, now she is writing the touching story.  If he was homeless, well why the fuck didn’t she try to help him? Maybe because they were poor.  My family is like that.  My piece of shit car won’t make it down to my sister’s or even my brother’s half the time.  America is like a gauntlet of trouble.

It’s like sink, or swim, and many, many people sink. They wind up in the jails, prisons, or make thier own family with who they meet.  I can see it happen right in front of me as the lot lizards work the parking lots down in Oklahoma.  This “family” includings beatings, drugs, and everything else.


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