All Night Radio

I get lots of entertainment at my job. It’s not HDTV, or cable, but boy..there’s lots of things.  This night on my way up from Oklahoma I listened to the High School Football broadcasts.  They are surprisingly FUN to listen to.   The commentators are amatuerish.. but so are the teams out there.  High School football there are usually like 12 interceptions per game,  20 fumbles, and the passing game is so hit and miss.. man what passing game?  They like to run the quarterback sneak out of the “shotgun”.  The games are see saw battles with those kids playing thier hearts out.  One team will have a big kid that dominates the game.  The one I was listening to tonight,  the Vinita,OK Hornets vs the Grove,OK Ridgerunners had such a kid.   Vinita was hanging in there,  passing the ball.  In high school, when the recievers get open they are WIDE open.. heh.. IF they catch the ball!

One team can be clobbering another team like 31-7 at the half..but still get beaten.  One game I caught the tail end of, was a 90-0 rout.  Mercifully, I forgot the names of the high schools involved.

They are really good fun.  I listen to them as I pass through the various states on Friday.

I also have a MP3 player I load with audiobooks and plays.  I liked the spooky stories from “Nightfall”.. and even the old radio plays like “Gunsmoke” are very good with William Conrad as Matt Dillon.   Great stuff!


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