Poor- but You can STILL have a Good Time

Even if you’re poor- you can still have a good time. Stay away from the drunkard, drug  addicto, and harlot.  It’s in the bible.  It DOES take money to be happy..but I do not see a depression around here.   More like- an adjustment.  And WHEN..in human history..has there NOT been adjustment?

Change happens FAST..not slowly. There is still much joy to be had.  Just keep sober and alert.  We are all in the dreamlike- trance of ourselves.  Things are very bad…no..things are good.

I listen to audio on the road…I must say..it’s wonderful. Very entertaining,  even as you go down the road and earn money at the same time. Very informative too.

Many business fail..but perhaps it is because they sell crap.  They don’t adveritse well…there are many causes of failure.   When I was a child there were only a few restaurants,  and even fewer still fast food joints.  Now it is a “depression” if people still can’t build yet ANOTHER fast food joint and rake in the cash!

No one’s out here digging a potato.  It ain’t bad at all.


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