Miraculous Each Day

Life is more miraculous every day. That is what I think.  It is quite beautiful as I delight in these exquisite Linux distributions.   Just better, and better and better.  It is a miracle that anything exists- at all.

This earth has been through many iterations. For millions of years nothing could survive here.   If a cataclysm such as an asteroid strike, or a major volcanic eruption such as the one millions of years ago in Siberia happened.  Nothing could survive.  Only a few obscure species would make it.  It would be a matter of weeks before starvation set in.   This planet has been literally- set on fire twice.  For millions of years there was a ice age that is beyond comparison in man’s history.  The entire planet was covered with ice- miles thick.  The whole human race might be extinct in a few weeks or even- days.

So each day is our gift from heaven, even if we are eatin’ corn bread.  I like corn bread actually.  Or eatin’ a potato.


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