Simple things are the Best

I am grateful for the simplest things. The simple comforts are the best ones. Like my microfiber comforter. My twin fan setup. I like Mexican Pollo al carbon. “Al Carbon” means cooked over charcoal. I get this every time I go down to Texas, at the little shops and boy it’s great. Lots better than the fancy Chicken Mole dishes.

A baked potato. A glass of cold milk. A cat that purrs. A good cup of coffee made at home, just the way you like it. I even like simple music. I love some of the New Age Cello pieces I just discovered. VERY good. The pieces are simple, but that Cello sounds so warm and sad. I just love these. Later, I will insert the names of the artists who made these when I find them.  I like half and half to put in that coffee.  I also have been getting into.. silence.  I have lots of media toys when I go on the road, radio, Mp3 player, video, slide shows.  But just the silence..the sound in the truck, is not bad at all.  It’s soothing, and the world has a song of it’s own, if you just pay attention.

Jami Sieber is the new age Cellist I was trying to remember the name. Man it’s great stuff.. just great music to listen too.


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