10% Unemployment in Missouri

10% Unemployment here. Yep, and naturally..the most vulnerable suffer. I am kind of a- slow guy. My computers are old, and I will be damned if I run out and buy the newest, latests..neato frito stuff.

Anyways. Just about EVERYBODY is hittin’ me up for money. Not that I blame them.. but hey.. I just don’t have it! My poor brother took a mauling from PAM trucking. I tried to warn him about trucking companies that make you pay for school type of scams. TRIED to warn him! The poor hit land mine after land mine. American society is full of scams at every level, and I imagine crime will probably rise.

No one listens. The trucking industry is full of scams, and so is this street out here. Kissy Chris gets thrown back in jail. She’s calling me and man I don’t know WHAT to do with her. No one wants to GET REAL. We all live in our dream world.

Chris, (and many other of these street girls) will promise me the moon if I get them out of thier current jam..and they are ALWAYS in a jam. However, you can’t take the word of a drunk or addict. No one wants to work, really work. Our generation does not know what hard work is, on the most part. Hard, simple, physical work. These chicks already owe me and I will lay low this weekend, else they will come over and want me to entertain them, then give ’em money to boot. Bah. A nice cat is what I want..and have a pinup already.

I’m a trucker, and they always wanna go with me. But my company don’t allow riders, if I would even want them to ride with me. My boss keeps me busy, but these modern tractors are like hog heaven compared to the trucks of yesteryear.. like an old gas tractor, for instance. Still- the industry is full of scams..there are lots of shady companies.

My computer still knackered..but Linux works fine and I will get an old hard drive and put it in here tomorrow, about $20. This machine won’t run the latest, neato frito games, but then, who needs ’em?

Americans still blow thier money on lots of bullshit they do not need. Half the things being sold out here, making money, I wouldn’t have if ya gave ’em to me, like drugs and booze, for instance. Plus the crap they play on the radio these days.

Things are getting tighter, but bullshit is still in high demand.


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