Get Linux

I just got a bad virus..that unleashed hell all over my computer… so I merely slipped in my Mini Sys Linux disk.. or “Muppy” Linux.  Works quite well.   Runs from your CD rom so there are no system files for a virus or trojan to write to.  Nice.  Needed a new hard drive anyways. I am using Muppy as an operating system to write this, right now.  Nice and there are tons of variations.. Linux is still viable,  still useful.  It has a few idiosyncracies, the chief one is downloading and installing new programs and plug ins.. it’s difficult at the time of this writing.  Or should I say, I dont know how to do it.. how to install the packages and make them work.

Many people in the ‘hood don’t know how to use computers very well.  I’ve often thought of making a class, just to use computers to shop, pay bills, and do other, practical things.  Maybe even a Linux Distro that is specifically geared for this.  Something that will play media files, get email, and have the best security, because that is what Linux offers.   Even now, with my hard drive full of virus and trojans from that nasty download, I can safely shop with Linux.


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