Don’t be no Bag o’ Potatoes

Don’t be no bag of potatoes around here boy.. you’ll get your ass kicked!  That is my advice. make things complicated. All these places,  every business, especially the goverment.. has people that are designing things.  Designing things.. TO MAKE LIFE COMPLICATED!   To make ANYTHING complicated! They have even made taking a leak- complicated.

Every body..thinks the whole world..REVOLVES AROUND THEM!  This is the chief cause of my anxiety. Down to the smallest micro organism..they all think.. it revolves totally around THEM..and they will all do as they bloody well please.

The cops are down there busting the gang bangers and HOORAY for the local cops.   Them thugs are outta control, and I mean way out of control.  I get my license renewed, and Missouri it is a pain in the ass..with my boss breathing down my neck to get off of the road.   Actually.. this boss is very good about it.

I nurse and nurse my old Trooper.. get it fixed..yes..and finally- Get the tags on it!  People here just fight for thier lives to go down to the store and get some food, and carry it back.  A “mixed” hood is interesting, but has it’s share of people with, let’s say, agressive attitudes.

One thing I gotta learn is to stay away from them girls. At the time of this writing,  I went down to the store.  Lo and behold, there was Kissy Chrissy at the pay phone, just 8 days before she was to graduate the rehab program.  So… I give UP on rehabbing other people! I had paid for her doctor visits..brought her cigarettes, candy, magazines, socks, underwear, and all manner of things that they would let her have in there.. hoping she would come out of her trance.  Gave her my apartment keys for when I was gone, was gonna get her a little car.  

It reminds me of the old story about the frog and the scorpion.

The scorpion asks the frog to take him across the pond. The frog says,  “ long as you don’t sting me”. The scorpion says.. “sure, I won’t hurt you.”.   Then, as the frog gets to the other side the scorpion starts stinging the shit out of him!  The frog says..”hey, you said you wouldn’t sting me!”.   The scorpion says, “what do you expect? I’m a scorpion.”

I’ll never talk with Chris again, because I can’t bear to watch.  Perhaps this is why her family has just let her go. Poor, poor Chrissy.


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