Out on the Road..Where it’s SAFE

I feel safer out here on the road, at this D.O.T. rest area than I do at my crib in the inner city.   Even if I was living in the rich burb’s..it’s nothin but a bunch of backstabbing creeps.

I make myself some Stouffer’s Cheesy Potato Bake (frozen entree)… $1.43 at Wal Mart.   It is VERY good.  As good as I make at home from scratch.  I make it in my small Burton Stove.  These are small 12 volt ovens that look like a lunch pail..they indeed heat up to 300F and work quite well.

On the road, for the truck driver.. the microwave or a crock pot is the best, but these little stoves ($25 at the truxstops..PILOT and LOVE’S),  they are very good.  Most frozen entrees will squeeze in there (but not the TV dinner size ones).


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