Chrissy gets her arm broke

One of them thugs broke Chris’ arm, in 2 places. I don’t know WHAT that was about.  She’s in a lot of pain and I got to take her to the hospital to get her scrip.  Sheesh.. she STILL won’t “give it up”.  I take her over to Truman.  I swear I am gonna get some cherry lights and siren for my car.  She is filthy, ‘cos they have no heat down at that spook house.  That’s what I call it.. the “spook house”.  I told her to come up and stay with me, but she’s always saying they will take her things down there.. she’s afraid to get away from them.

This morning on the corner I see Duke, her old pimp that just beat Chris senseless.. her whole face swollen and purple.  He went to prison, man I wish he’d a NEVER got out.

She won’t go to the cops, saying the cops just don’t give a shit what happens to the street people.  I took her to Truman Medical Center.. they did a good job of fixing her up.

Still there is no real justice for the poor.  I think our judicial system totally fucked up.  Totally weighted by money.  I do not know what you would call America.. but I would not call it a democracy.

People don’t give a shit.  They don’t give a shit until it is THIER life on the line,  THIER ass.. then they are screamin’ bloody murder.

People get ripped off all the time.  It’s part of life I guess.. like these crabs in a barrel.    Old Duke went to prison for SOME thing.. I can’t remember what.  But he didn’t get caught for half the stuff he done.

There is no “secret witness” program, at least locally. Chris could point them out to the cops, but flat out, she’d probably be killed.  Yep. I can’t even believe that I am typing this.  But that’s the way it is. The KCPD..the way it works I think, in my opinion, they get a bunch of grant money and they spend it on the most useless shit.  They had that stupid horse patrol.  Heh, now they can just WATCH it all go on.. right in front of thier fuckin’ nose, and prance around on these horses.

A few months back, they had these ATV’s.  So now they are on ATV’s.. JUST WATCHING THIS SHIT GO ON right in front of thier fuckin’ nose. Sigh.. it is insulting.. I know.   In one respect, I have faith in the cops.

Once they bite down.. once they figure it out.. boy they are like a steamroller.  I do not know what to do for these problems.  Well, I do know.. that’s GET A JOB.  Yep.  Get a job, and if you don’t like that job, then apply for another one.   Don’t do drugs either, nor hang out with anyone that does them.

I stick my neck out even talking to these idiots.  At least I think they are idiots.  But jeez, no one would take poor Chris to the hospital, help her get her meds, nor do anything.


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