A Much Improved America

We’ve come a long way since the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression. We could fall, or go backwards. Most of the homeless around here, the ones that are just totally dropped through the cracks, well drugs and alcohol did it to them.  This is not ALWAYS the case.  Each person is a special case.  There always can be improvement, and I think that there will be.

There seems to be many resources.  I talk to Angela tonight and she says “All these people care about is the next crack hit”. Eh.. she’s kind of a pill herself.   This is why Chris wouldn’t let me take her to the hospital, even with the laceration on her head.  So it is just better to stay away from people.   Drinking, gambling too.  There are gambling addicts in this building,  people who go to the Casino.   People just love that nut-bag roller coaster.

Somehow, the ‘Survival’ instinct seems to be suppressed. It isn’t just in the ‘States, but in counries like Ireland and Europe.  Not the “Survival” instinct of ‘kill the other guy first’.. but just a sort of.. appreciation for life.

Veterans of the first World War  got DIDDILY when they got discharged. Compare that to the V.A. network that we have now.  There were no free clinics at ALL..and (I believe) no unemployment compensation.  Compare this to what we have now.

You can’t be no ‘bag of potatoes’ and survive.  Nope. A person has to be in the moment, no matter who they are, poor, rich, or whatever.


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