Kissy Chrissy

Carnivale.  That is what life is like around here. I pick up Kissy Chris who has a laceration in her head from some dude throwing her out of a car. She calls me saying she is about to faint, and I get over there in the freezing cold.. she’s cold too.  Every night it is some fuckin’ emergency.

She drives me nuts ‘cos she won’t go to the hospital.  She has a bloody bandage to her head.   She is all crying because she knew this guy for a long time.  I drive toward Truman, wanting to take her to the E.R. but she won’t for various reasons.  She drives me nuts and I am gonna stop answering the phone or door when she comes around.  I have taken her to Veronica’s more than once.. bought her phones, etc..and still the same bullshit over a period of years now.

My advice to her- “let’s call the cops.” She won’t and I am sick of her shit.   I get her to the house and look at the laceration, which she still won’t believe.  Looks like it’s clean through the scalp to me..and she is pissing me off to the point of yelling. Many, many a night I told her she could stay with me and stay warm, and safe. They don’t even have the gas on, no heat in the shack she and others are staying in.  She won’t go to the hospital, and this is what she is like boy,  stubborn as a mule.

She says she has to go out and “work“, because she has to pay her “rent”.  The old crone living in that house and her husband charge the ho’s and other addicts, etc, $10 a night, or they will throw thier stuff out.  Man it is pitiful, just PITIFUL!  She is getting me mad and I am starting to yell even though she is hurt.  She is as stubborn as a fuckin’ mule.  None of this shit is necessary.  We are NOT in breadlines, not yet, and there are jobs.. man I just hired on at a place.

Most of the ho’s around here you cannot turn your back on at all.  They are incorrigible, even after jail, a prison sentence even, they always go back, and almost STRAIGHT BACK out to it.  Thier mindset is as unpliable as a piece of hardened dog shit.  I hate to turn my back on her, but I am going to have to.   It is making me sick watching people just drive themselves nuts, and the more I think about THIER problems, the less time I have to think about mine.

All the other girls say I love Chrissy. These girls are the hard case, I mean, really bitches.  They have the softest center.  They are always reading romance novels, etc.  It’s more like- fear for her, pray for her and pity her.  I dunno about that.  I would never really take up with her.. she’s too whanged out on drugs and booze.  I do not like her ideas about life, not at all.


One thought on “Kissy Chrissy

  1. most people couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes….and 4 real i wouldnt want them to . North-east is goon affiliated and straight cut throat, but enough of that anyway. My point in posting this is simply to say… just because we walk the ave does not make us less than human nor give ANY bodythe right to treat us like dogs. Everyone has their own personal hell & you never know just what a person has already been through not just that day but in life as well….


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