Armed Robbery

This morning a guy in the next building gets robbed at gunpoint. That was nuts.  I call my landlord with proposals to set up video cams for this building.  It is cheap nowadays.  I’d love to see the perpetrator caught.

Maybe I am too “lilly livered” of a liberal. Man.. people shouldn’t DO shit like that.   They just should not do it.  There are jobs around.  Sheesh.  Like almost every crime in this ‘hood, I’ll bet drugs had something to do with it.

Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? I dunno.  I think it is the former.  People are often mean around here, and there is no cause for it.  We are not starving..with a crust of bread unavailable.   I am applying for jobs now, thankful that the price of fuel went down.  This X’d my job out.  It went poof after the price of fuel rose to $5 per gallon.

Last night I hear shots.. five shots, a couple minutes go by, then another shot.. then more minutes go by, then another shot.   Tonight the cops are stopping a bunch of cars on the avenue.  I hope they catch the thugs.  I make some turkey chili,  with some cheap ground turkey I got at Sav A Lot.  I do not like the taste of this turkey so good.  In the chili, it is not so bad.  I make some chocolate chips, and wait on results from job applications.   I am uneasy.  I have lots of trucking experience.  It was like “one phone call, one job”.   Now, things are slow.   I do not like being a truck driver so much, but like to be warm and have food to eat, and cat food for my cat.  If I don’t have food for her, she might leave, then where would I be?  There are plenty of girls, but I like me cat better.  She’s cheaper, and gives off more love, and gives it without hesitation or reservation.

There are some crazy fools in this section of  town. People who would think nothing of doing great harm to another person.  The world seems FULL of people with violence in thier souls.  They harbor the secret desire for evil,  then when the moment is right, it reveals it’s gathered power.  EVIL.


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