Kissy Chris

Well.. I was worried about Chris.  Hadn’t talked to her all day.  I assume she was out hooking, which takes her all over town.   She is nuts, that is what I think.  I finally talk to her about 1 AM.. she is ..OUT there and it is like 5F.   Won’t come in.  All she has is that damn space heater at the spook house where she lives… and she never wears a coat out there.

Check Craig’s List for Kansas City sometime.   Last time I checked, there were over 1300 posts and ads for prostitutes in Kansas City.   Plus they are all over the street out there, even in this damn cold.

Misery, is the apt name for this state..and it’s little twerp of a governor, Matt Blunt. People sit in the cafe and just curse Matt Blunt.   My tax money goes to make a mansion for him, and his shit factory of a wife and kid, AND his shit factory father, Roy Blunt.  What does the government give me in return?  Very little.  A bunch of parking tickets.  A bunch of programs that don’t work, or only benefit a few people.

I am making a christmas sack for Chris.  God I hope she survives until Christmas.   I’ll make one for Bunny too.  I hope that crazy Chris is all right.   I told her she could come over here and sleep,  it’s so damn cold out.  It’s not a matter of christmas coziness or romance, but a matter of survival.   Man.. that damn heater keeps kickin’ on and running up my bill.  *groan*.

1/05/09 Kissy Chris up and about. I pick her up and she bums a few bucks off of me and gets cigarettes and a Hurricane.. *groan*.  I get mad at her like usual.. scolding her.   She has that funny walk where she broke her hip long ago in a car accident.   Many of these girls have been in accidents.


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