I pick up Joy down at the Apple Market.  Freezing her ass.. she has that nasty cold that I just got over…and boy it was NASTY.  I thought I would cough my lungs out.  She’s walking around in that slush with tennis shoes on.. all cold.. makes the usual offer..but I decline.   Instead, I take her up and some hot chocolate.. then put her to bed.

Some pimpin’ piece of shit of a “boyfriend” is running her.  But Northeast is like that.  All of these girls have pimps, whether they know it or not!

Kissy Chris: “he’s not my pimp!”.   A couple days later she comes around all beat up.. yeah right.  It is strange the games that are going on right in front of the cops’ eyes.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.    I tried for years with old Chris, but man, she’s gonna live the life, no matter what I did, said, or what ANYONE does to her.  Chris has a GOOD family.  Her daughter really IS a K.C. Chiefs cheerleader.  I went out and met her one day,  taking Chris to the haircut salon where her daughter worked.    Her dad wealthy.   But Chrissy stubborn as a Missouri Mule.  It is like every month she is gonna quit.  Sigh.  I took her to Veronica’s twice now.

Some of the girls- they are O.K.  They won’t rip ya off, etc.  Some are such bitches they are more these robbers or people who have shallow, criminal minds.  That’s what Sherri K. is like.   Sherri is more like..selfish.  She raised herself.

This girl I might like I dunno.  She has a feminity that is like Bunny’s.  Bunny has mental problems, but she is very .. feminine.. vulnerable.  Bunny is pretty,  but can’t keep her wits about her enough to make it on the street.   “Making it” for these girls is just staying alive and undamaged.

They not only have to attract men, they have to worry about keeping what they make.  There are many sharks out there who rob the girls.  Why oh WHY they won’t give it up and turn to something else.. it escapes me.  There is something that I just do not know.  The women are always saying they make good money, but boy.. I don’t see it.

What they DO make goes to the drug dealer.  They get busted all the time for petty bullshit.   Kissy Chris don’t even have hot water in her place, and it has been this way for a year.   One time I told old Chris: “You just break my heart, you know that? You break my fuckin’ heart”.  And she does.

Boy those spuds turned out good.. burpp.  Joy crashed out.. I notice right away she don’t snore.  We will see.  I also don’t like a woman who back talks and second guesses either.  That crazy Bunny got a mouth on her.. that’s why she gets into so much trouble.

A mouthy woman out here.. out among the homeless street people..can wind up dead or hurt.   Half them people out there are deranged themselves, and some are downright murderous.

In the morning, I talk to her and yep.  She’s been staying in the abandoned buildings around here.  Typical.  Sick..she’s got that stuff that is going around.. EVERYONE getting it.. uggg.   She’s got some dude lined up she’s going to get a place with.    The way people sleep around, run around in these parts.. boy I dunno what that will turn out like.


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