Nobody Gives a Shit- Get that Straight

The world will let you what you want.  You can be a drunk and drug addict, and no one will give a shit.  You can ruin yourself, and the world will just watch you do it.

Help IS available .. but you have to want it.   Some help, that is.  Mostly it’s the leavings of other people.. castoffs that people don’t want.

After watching old Allen die.. man he finally died,  this lesson sunk in. After all the years of indoctrination about what a “great” country this is.. and how “wonderful people are” in this country.  Watching Allen die opened my eyes even more.    His family basically dumped him down in the east bottoms.  Allen was a ‘Nam vet, a drunkard, but stricken with Cerebal palsy among other things.   Nobody in this country gives a fuck about ANYBODY else, get that through your head. Anyways,  I kept waiting for him to kick the bucket, amazed that he survived the heat in the summer.  He’d push around a shopping cart and pick up scrap.  Many people in the inner city make a living from scrap.  It’s fast cash.  They stole the generator from my old RV and sold it.. LOL.   Anyways, he could just barely walk.  It was rumored he had Hepatitis C so the restaurants.. people would sort of.. not let him in there.   I mean he could just BARELY walk, old Michael Fox is a marathon runner compared to what he could do!

Once, someone dumped him way up north and he found his way back, walked all the way.. or staggered..whatever he called a “walk”.   Must have staggered 18 miles to get back to “home” which was a abandoned tractor in the tractor trailer junkyard down there.  How he survived that heat I will never know.   He finally died though, and that is God’s mercy.   Much has been written about the “generosity” of the American people, but I ain’t seen it, and I am 55 years old come Christmas.

The events of 9/11 did not bother me, not in the least, but a predictable event that was coming.  Only a matter of time it was coming, and only a matter of time until the next one.  The government in the U.S.A. serves itself, and defends itself, that is their only purpose on this earth.   Now- a few things DID come about finally.. but have to be enforced with a club upside the head.    You’ll have to fight for it, sue for it, and raise hell for it.  If you don’t fight- then someone can, and will, take it away.

The government wants to take it away.  The crooks want to take it away.  Everyone in this world serves themselves.


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