Colder than A Billy

Colder than a billy out there, and man, things start to break in that cold.  Whatever is weak or about to break does in this weather.  The chicks come out of the abandoned houses they are staying in.  This is where the last double homicide occured,  barely more than a stone’s throw from where I am living.   It’s cold out,and they will be out there trying to sell their bodies.  The crack dealers will be out there too.. the women calling them when they have made a little money, so they can get their drugs.    The women won’t leave it- no way!  It’s as if they enjoy the roller coaster they are living on.  Not everyone lives this way in Northeast,  just these few people.  Still, no matter what the cops do, they persist.  No matter helicopters,  police ATV and horse patrols, etc.   Damn it’s cold.


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