At Night the Ho’s Come Out

This area is full of prostitutes.  There are more here than the hell holes of the world I visited while in the Navy.   They come out, about 9-10PM.. looking to make some money so they can buy their drugs, usually crack, and or booze.    There are ALWAYS murders..the last two were about a month apart,  and a few blocks from one another.  Right on Indiana Street between Independence Avenue and 8th street.    You can get a blow job for about $7, but it’s usually $20.  They go down to the truck stop, that is their heaven, where they charge the truckers as much as $100.   They come from all walks of life, and all situations.  Dumb.  Smart.  Good families, poor families.  They have good kids, they have rotten kids.    There are LOTS of crack dealers lurking in the area, and it’s delivery service preferred.  A phone call and the dealer will roll up.


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