Avoiding Problems in the Inner City

Don’t drink, or use drugs. That booze is the worst. Stupid juice, I call it. Despite what goes on, I seem to avoid it, by just avoiding other people, except for business. I don’t “party”. Why? To get stupid and silly?
I like being close to work. That’s why I stay down here. Right down from here, just a few houses, are some magnificent places, that would cost a fortune to build in these times.
It’s cheap. These places are very cheap, these apartments, and cheap on fuel too. Much cheaper than the duplex I owned in the ‘burbs.

A wide variety of restaurants, libraries, etc. There’s a much wider variety restaurants, especially mexican and chinese down here. Cheaper too. Overall, it’s cheaper here. I can get my place cleaned top to bottom for $20. Compare that with Merry Maids, who won’t even do the dishes.

Avoid scams. There are many scams, especially with the street people. I’ve had a guy introduce himself, and with only a few sentences passed between us, offer to steal my car for the insurance. Don’t loan out money. Man, real nice people.

They’ll rob you blind.


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