The Heat of the City

Oh god it’s hot. This is much hotter than last the temperatures soar. I stay in my apartment, and use the net, surfing for a cheap car, and looking at technical details, and ratings.

I like to use the USENET, and read the political posts on there.

Tonight, on TV Mayor Emmanuel Cleaver was hammering away about the shootings down at the Knights of Columbus Hall, leaving one black track star dead. Mr. Cleaver is correct.. but such a hypocrite. I would post a link about Mr. Cleaver, but I am tired of little bureaucrats like him getting attention. It’s just like Condy Rice and George Bush. What about the people that are getting slaughtered because they listened to these bureaucrats? They are the worst of the worst. Millions die or are affected adversly because of thier blundering.. and they get off scott free. It’s hard to guess who is the worst villain in this world.

People- get it all the time down here. What if he were a unknown white dude.. say a vietnam vet? The VA medical center is where the hundreds of homeless vets go, desperate for shelter from the heat or the cold. I’ve seen ’em hiding in the offices and waiting rooms late at night when I visit the E.R. They lie there, until security runs them off.

What if they were unknown black dudes? There’s plenty of them staggering around.

People are likely to die from the heat, and I think of Poor Allen down there sleeping among the trucks in the junkyard.

Despite his and the general hypocrisy of politicians, I hope Mr. Cleaver succeeds in finding out who the perpetrators for.

They call the south side of Kansas City “Beirut”.

I’m not at all worried about conditions overseas.. we have our own problems right here, and always have.


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