Few People know, what REALLY goes on

Few people know, what REALLY goes on in American cities. There was another shooting down at 8th and Indiana..I go here regularly to do my laundry.

My brother struggling now from shysters. They are like insects that feed off of the working person.

Would I fight to defend these people? HELL NO. To protect.. WHO? Unbelievable things happen to working people.

As I listen now, to Gary Renard narrating his books “Immortal Being” and “Disappearance of the Universe”, I am struck by how naive he is.  He is always going on about the “evil of 9/11”.  The USA has fostered many atrocities in this world, including many right here on our own soil, against our own people.  The Trail of Tears march of the Cherokees.  The pain that drugs, and the “war on drugs” perpetrate upon people.  Osama Bin Laden does not have a monopoly on cruelty nor evil.

I like books that depict people’s petty hatreds, back stabbing, and even violence.  People do it to each other all the time, and in every concievable way.  So why is he whining about 9/11?  It was just the tip of the iceberg.


2 thoughts on “Few People know, what REALLY goes on

  1. i wonder what you can do to help fix problems in this country instesd of whine about them?

    i looked at some of your past posts and have determined that you do not like living in america. you have a lot to bitch about, but no solutions.

    i wish you would please let me know just where a better place to live might be and why that place is better. because i might just have to move there

    before you think that i am looking for some kind of fight, i wish to explane something to you. i have never served in the military as you have, i wish i had, but i didn’t. your service to this country gives you more rights to say what you will, than i have ever earned. i am one of the uneducated (as my spelling will show you) unwashed masses, but i want to understand. just screaming about how somebody has screwed up, does not do it. help me understand how they screwed up, and what could or should be done different.


  2. Canada is much better. Go from Detroit over to Windsor, and just start looking around. Notice how officials treat you. The big cities like Toronto have problems. It’s much cleaner, and more polite. The U.S.A has major problems. Politicians seem to want to depend upon military power as a measure of the success of our society. In my mind, how people treat one another is the measure of a great country. To be clean and healthy, have enough food, to be cool, or warm as needed. Where I am at is not too bad.. if crime can be avoided. There seems to be no avoiding it, and there is no escape in the suburbs either.


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