Independence Avenue, Kansas City, MO.

The roughest area of Kansas City. There have been a bunch of homicides this year, and last year was a record breaker. Many of these are drive bys..etc. Last week there was a shooting down at the Conoco, as I mentioned, but before that, two women were shot at the 7-11 about a block away. These are all on this perhaps 3 mile stretch of Independence Avenue. I reflect on Cousin Mark out in Lee’s Summit. He had back problems, like many people do. Many, many people have back problems here. Mark had a implant in his body, that trickled morphine into his system The cause of death is unknown, presumably the laundry basket full of scrips killed him. That and depression or malaise. At least he had good insurance. Dr. FeelGood could take care of him. People are in varying states. There is a VA hospital here, and there are many, many homeless veterans. We thank god for that, and curse the politicians who started the wars. The most “Patriotic” and big mouthed, seem to be the ones who never take part in the wars. Who knows? War is a big thing here. Always has been. Vietnam, Korea, etc. My grand daddy got mustard gassed in the first world war.

Anyways, people are drinking beer out on the stoop, in the front of the apartments. That stuff is nothing but trouble, stupid juice I call it. It’ll keep you poor! So will crack, which is rampant here. Most of the girls move from place to place, get evicted, sell thier bodies, and often sleep in the alleys. Many are toothless wretches, who can’t afford dentures. These chicks are relatively young, in their 30’s some of them, and some as old as 50.

They get into fights all the time. There’s one the cops call Beer Bottle, who I get a kick out of. She’ll stab you in a heartbeat. The last one she nailed was Suzanne, who is a real thieving bitch. She’s a “gank”. What she does when you pick her up is give you a sob story about paying her rent, getting on her feet. Then, once she’s got some money, right to the crack house. Anyways, Suzanne went after Beer Bottle with a broken bottle in a fight over a “date”.. .. Beer Bottle nailed Suzanne with her buck knife as she tried to flee. Then, the cops trying to subdue Beer Bottle injected her hand with thorazine, and messed her arm up when they hit a nerve. It’s paralyzed. Beer Bottle claims she won a law suit, but I see her out there selling her self all the time.

I have had this apartment for 3 months now. They still hadn’t clean the blood up off of the carpet where the previous occupant, Dave Zarda, got stabbed. He made the mistake of letting a street guy come up there, presumably to smoke crack or something, and the guy, well he didn’t want to leave.

Kansas City is full of crack heads, and auto theft is quite an industry here. If your car is stolen, they won’t even come out to investigate. If you even want the report, it will cost you ten bucks to get it. Why, the cops have to make money, just like everyone else. I can’t make my mind up who scares me more, the cops, or the crooks. The government just makes people miserable. They are like this.. robotic beast that comes up with it’s hand out for money periodically…thier hand is in everything…the when YOU’VE got a problem, they don’t do squat. As one guy told me.. “man, those cops never catch to noboby”. Dunno if this is true or not. I hope they do. I hope they get those shits that shot the poor kid down at Conoco. It’s a terrible thing to do to someone, shoot them. Even the most wimpy rounds can do terrible damage. A guy out in front on crutches, was talking, with a huge scar on his thigh. I asked him what it was, turned out to be a gunshot wound. Entered in the buttock, and just plowed through his thigh. The scar was at least 12 inches long. It was a lowly .32 caliber that inflicted this round. People consider this a “weenie” round.

It is a sad and terrible thing, but it’s par for the course around here. So what the fuck are they showing me Tiger Woods on TVee for? I don’t want to watch that asshole. It’s part of what I am supposed to be so proud of, I suppose. That and the new Chiefs stadium they are socking the taxpayers to the tune of $11,000 apiece for. Shit I can’t afford a Chiefs ticket, and wouldn’t want to go if you gave me one. I’d rather have..I’d rather have.. a nice T bone steak.


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