My Motion Comics

These are based on my studies, my internet studies, of Mental Hospitals around the world, and the dark history of medicine.  They are pretty crude, because I am just learning to use the software.  But, it is fun making them.

Asylum Episode 1

Asylum Episode 2

Asylum Episode 3

Asylum Episode 4

I ought to make some comics about the thugs around here.  They sprayed a house up  by 8th and Indiana with bullets yesterday.  This is right close to me.

Northeast, is like a place where the vultures are always circling.

Visual Novel Engines

I am trying out Visual Novel engines.  I got on this kick about 2 months ago.  First,  I bought Smith Micro’s MotionArtist.  I like it a lot,  BUT, it only publishes to HTML5.   HTML5 is not fully implemented yet,  the stuff runs on my tablet.  But I want to publish direct to Android.  So,  waitin on a update.  It’s a comic book creator.  Which is the same as a visual novel, almost. SmithMicro seems to be dragging it’s feet on developing it.  I like MotionArtist, but it is limited on file format, and I am not using it now.

Then, I found out about Madefire Motion Book engine.   Well, that is the most pro stuff out there I have found to date.   On DeviantArt, and on GooglePlay you can find their stuff.   They make the slickest online comics I have seen.  Only trouble is, to sell them, you pay a hefty percentage.  It is 60 for Madefire,  40 for the user.  So.. I keep looking. The stuff people are making with MadeFire is very impressive.  The slickest out there.  This one is Online.  You just make a account, free.  The MadeFire tool, the software, is online.  MadeFire runs off of commissions.  So far,  it’s probably the best one.

Kindle Comic Creator.  Well, it is free.  Publishes to Kindle, which is kind of a pain in the ass.  Many Ebook softwares have trouble with Kindle formatting.  Kindle Comic Creator is limited.  No sound,  not too many whippy things to do with graphics.  It is the easiest by far to use.  But it’s not that whippy.  It is very simple.  You created a comic page layout, then load that into Kindle.  Kindle automatically finds the panels, with some tweaking optios from you.  Then, the user taps the panel, and it enlarges.  But that is pretty much all it will do- for now. Comic Book creator pretty much.

Novelty Visual Novel Maker  In it’s early stages,  pretty GOOD actually!  BUT.. no output to Android or iOS or Kindle.  Next.

Ren’Py- the one I am using now.  Free, and exports to Android.  The oldest one, well maybe with the exceptions of the Japanese OTOME engines.  OTOME is visual novel, with many different engines.   REN’PY is the best developed of them all,  with many updates, a active community and it is TRULY FREE.  It is/was developed at MIT.  Uses as script language, but it is easy, about as difficult as old MS DOS batch files.  It has by far, the best community.  It is constantly being upgraded, and I mean nightly.   FREE (paid for by MIT grants. Paid for by donations.)

CoronaLabs  Looks very good, uses LUA scripting language.  A visual engine is forthcoming.  This will make it about like GameSalad.  GameSalad is a game engine.  BUT.. it costs $180 or so for the license, plus the fees to export to GooglePlay, Android, and Kindle.  As far as formats, this is the best one.  But it costs money, so I am not using it, as of this date.  This is more a game engine, than a Graphic Novel engine.  I like it, but can’t afford it.

GameSalad One of the easiest to use, if not THE easiest.  Drawback is the fees, $299 for the license, then you must pay the fees to Google, Apple, and Kindle.  It is geared for games, but could make the Visual Novel or Motion Comic easily.

There are quite a few others.  Stencyl, which I studied for the longest time, is $199 a year for the license, and exports to FLASH..but it is not viable.  It is good though, you can make good stuff with it.   There is Construct 2,  which exports to HTML5.  Tried it out, not as easy as Stencyl.  Popular, but not “free”.

Get it through your head.. NOTHIN’ is FREE.  Ren’Py is free because the public paid for it.   The “Free” versions of all these softwares are limited, usually in the format you can publish to, which is crucial.  Ain’t no free lunch,  everyone has to pay their bills. 

There are others out there, other engines.  My strategy is to develop my content,  my story,  my drawings, my sounds, then I will match them up to whatever engine is most useful.   I work constantly with RenPy now, and it is very good.

The file format thing is the jinx on these.  RenPy outputs to Android, a major plus, but not to HTML5.   HTML5 output is often limited in some way.  The browers are uneven in their support of HTML5.   Kindle?  I don’t even know what format that is.  Amazon is Android based, and Apple iOS you have to pay $99 to get in the Apple Store.

HTML5 was supposed to be the cat’s meow,  but it has turned into a can of worms.  Ludei makes a HTML5 wrapper, that will let you create for Android, but it is not quite.. there yet.   There is PhoneGap, which is free, which helps you publish to Android, iOS, and many other Phone platforms.  To be honest have not studied these options.

“What was impossible today, can become possible tomorrow.”- Marc and Angel  The priceless gems of philosophy are the greatest things of all!

There are many other Visual Novel engines popping up,  but these are the best ones I know of.   So develop your graphics and animations!  Develop your story, because a solution that fits you is out there.  If there is not one now, it will surely be created.  Even if you have to abandon your Visual Novel engine because of some sort of bug,  you will have your story and the assets you make, and that is what counts.





Marc and Angel

Marc and Angel Hack life.  Love this one, and I go to it very often.  http://www.marcandangel.com/  As I do the graphics for my scary Visual Novel, it gets very depressing.

The True LIFE horror is scarier than most movies,  TV and stories!

In this scary ‘hood you are always watching for something that might happen.  Plus so many people are ill.  Well, at least the ones that I know.  The ‘weak’ ones I guess.

Money’s too tight to mention. It’s getting cold outside, too.

Marc and Angel’s website getting more popular, I see also.  Good for them!  They have great quotes, and I just love quotes.

I am writing a Visual Novel.. a Horror Novel.  So I read up on “Dr. Walter Freeman”.    He was a lobotomist, that gave thousands of lobotomies.   He wore neither glove nor mask during many of these procedures.   He lobotomized 19 minors including a 4 year old child.  He didn’t even have any formal surgical training.

Didn’t cure “mental illness.”  Translation of “mental illness”- people that didn’t fit in, or they were “gotten rid of.”  Masturbation, was considered a “mental illness”.  So was a sexually aggressive woman.  Mae West, for example, might have been put into a asylum.

Really nice, people are.   Do you think the American people are nice?  I don’t.

So often, a dirty, ragged bum is more worthy of respect than a fuckin’ yuppie in a “power” suit.  Just like the V.A. hospital.   Very little is shown about the lives of the poor.  Just a glimpse here and there.  This is a place for the THEIR career.. it is not about the patient.  If they could- they’d have us chained up in the basement.  At least some of the doctors there would.

You can read more in the link I put,  and it is unbelievable.  Rosemary Kennedy was given a lobotomy by Walter Freeman.  Many of his patients died.  Even the powerful Kennedys could not escape the demon.

Christian Church Hospital here in Kansas City is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.  They had a doctor there, named Patterson who believed in the more.. “aggressive” mental health “cures”.   Ice baths, wet sheets, lobotomies.

I keep thinking of the bureaucracy at the V.A, and of Research Medical Center, where my sister had surgery.

The world is full of bureaucracy,  scheduling, etc.  You have to watch, really watch.   You can do things too early,  you can do them too late.  You can jump to conclusions,  just like Rosemary Kennedy’s family did.

Man.. no on gives a fuck about YOU.  No one does.  Not the doctors, not the lawyers, not the cops, not ANYONE.  Jesus Christ could return to this earth, and he would get treated exactly the same.  Maybe “Dr.” Freeman would give him a lobotomy.

The world is always trying to pound, the round peg named YOU.. into a square hole.  What if Jesus did return to earth?  The militarized police force might shoot him full of holes,  he’d get a lobotomy,  and he’d probably get robbed.  The IRS would be on his ass.   At least they wouldn’t crucify him, like they did last time.

Like a fish in a barrel is the average man.  It is a dangerous world of many self serving agendas.

Rising food prices are making things difficult for people around here.  Hamburger is mostly $4lb.  Steak is unaffordable, at least for yours truly.  You just can’t afford to buy it.

The Taquerias are keeping prices down, the same, at least, and I don’t know how they do it.  Even chicken is going up,  almost double in price.

Many other products are going up up up!

Poor KC has super high Triglicerides.  The count is super high.. 493.  Her leg  turned purple the other week.  This is Vacularitis or something like that.  She has a high stroke risk.    Shane comes around hustling.  I do not see how he is in as good of shape as he is,  well, except for his poor teeth, which are rotting to the gum.  He throws trash, and hustles,  doing odd jobs, doing anything he can.

The Trash men won’t pick up our  building’s trash,  because looters got into the trash, and ripped them all apart, and left the bags all ripped up.  Hauling trash is a hard, hard job.

The people on the end building are always fighting,  cops coming there.  “You should have seen the fight last night”- Craig.  One of them got smacked with a brick,  this is a favorite trick of the thugs around here.    It’s probably drugs, it is ALWAYS drugs.

I’m on the lookout for fruit, and check the prices at the Aldi.  The Farmer’s Market is NOT that cheap.  Aldi is usually cheaper.  The price of meat is very high, and it effects people.

I clean out this junk pit.   There is constant cleaning and rearranging,  stuff to be thrown out.  Bugs to be dealt with.  KC comes over and really helps me out.  It is kind of melancholy,  as people are so ill around here.  KC is very ill.

The Apartments I live in are like the Taj Mahal compared to other wretched apartment buildings.  I took Shane home,  he lives down in “Harlem” this is by the old KC Municipal Airport.  This is a converted old Holiday Inn, and it is like a no man’s land.  It is in a niche by itself,  I’ll bet the cops rarely go there.  A bunch o’ thugs live down there,  even as I took Shane home there was a screaming match going on.

Dave Hart buys me a Meatball sub at La Sala’s,  a famous Italian Deli on 5th or 6th street down in “Little Italy”.. very good.  That sucker was GOOD.. what a reward and the price is not bad at all.

At the Health Fair

I go to a health fair with KC.  KC’s triglicerides are incredibly high.. like 493.   Mine weren’t too bad.  We got a massage,  talked to the health care workers. KC had seen the flyer at the library.  In the inner city it pays to be alert for opportunity.

KC is having real problems.  Her leg turned purple.  It was PURPLE purple..like painted purple! This was vascularitis or something.. her veins.  She was in the hospital 4 days ago.  She also has Lupus, which Autoimmune.  They did tests at Truman, taking 28 vials of blood.

My sister recovering from huge hernia surgery, that had to do with her previous surgery for her pancreas.  She nearly died of pancreatitis.  What did she do to deserve this?  I would not wish these health problems on the worst person in the world.

The health problems are like this slow sort of .. strangulation.

We get a big sack of nice vegetables.  Health care workers are going to call me back.  My levels are high, but can be managed.  A pretty good deal, and I am glad KC dragged me down there.

In the Inner City,  be alert.  There is danger, but also opportunity.  I am not alert, but stewing in my kind of sadness, feelings of helplessness as I watch life melt before my eyes,  I love to write, do things on my computer.

Nothin’ but Liquor

I think Northeast is going to get wilder still.  I go down to the Notorious Fast Stop to get some milk.  This place has almost nothin’ but liquor in it’s cooler cases.  A lot of Mexican stuff, since Northeast is turning into Ciudad Juarez.  I like Mexican things, don’t get me wrong, but I am worried about the BAD things coming with them. They have their own ways of doing things,  Northeast is FULL of that.

?I’m “Old School” etc”.  Translation- a criminal. Maybe it is my imagination, but maybe, there will be the cartel war type activities.

The Fast Stops,  all of the convenience stores except 7-11, and a couple others,  are just packed with liquor.  These are more like liquor stores,  with just one small area of the cooler case for Milk.  They are selling it as fast as they can load it in there, too.  Fast Stop has 2 trucks a day bringing in almost nothin’ but Mexican beer.  It’s that old Devil Juice,  I call it.  That shit brings out the worst in people.  I keep thinking of East St. Louis, where they have all night liquor stores.

Friday night there are lines in the stores for that Stupid Juice.  

The drug trade causes fights, because people spend their money on an expensive habit, instead of food, shelter, and medicine.  It seems like mankind just loves darkness.

I go there to get nasty cigarettes at the Fast Stop- what a fool.  They are selling that stuff like it is going out of style.. Modelo,  Corona, some of the customers staggering they’re so drunk.  It’s mostly Mexicanos.  Love the Mexican food.  Don’t like that booze.

The inner city just has this air of gloom and darkness about it.  It is the devil, loose in the world.

My sister’s surgery really opened my eyes about the V.A. Medical Center.   Even the shoddy pajamas they give you, it makes the place seem like a dog pound.  I went to a anti smoking meeting, and they got all bent out of shape because I was using a Android Tablet to take notes.  So I just walked out of there. Sheesh, many people’s cell phones are more capable and powerful than this tablet.  Strictly serfdom.

Self interest is the ONLY interest.  The place has a bad reputation, and it is getting worse.  It is very difficult to get a shuttle ride in the huge parking lot, and it used to be easy.  The Patient Advocate is no more.

Most of the vets I have seen are from poor to homeless, and many kind of get batted around in this world.  They have special problems.   Perhaps this is just the few I have met.  There is a certain camaraderie with them though.   At least I have this in common with them.  It’s a comfort.

I had a shoulder surgery, now it is really bothering me.  While my sister was ill,  I visited Truman Lakewood,  the little Hospital at Blue Springs, and Menorah.   All of these,  especially Menorah, seemed quite superior to the V.A.  The website at the V.A. is down now, so I am wondering if it is going to be improved, or if it is going down hill like the rest of the place.

At the V.A. they seem to have a controlling thing,  like you are a dog in a dog pound, and they pretty much don’t give a shit about the patients, but their career.   I finally got a decent blood draw where they did not just tear my arm up, for instance.

It is very machine like.. you are dealt with, and a lot of the people working there, especially the social services, well they are not that good, not that informed.

I carry an Android Tablet with me.  To take notes on, and also, you could carry complete medical records, even complete copies of important documents,  DD214,  Passport, etc.   This bimbo that is teaching the non smoking class gets all bent out of shape at my Android.

Many of the V.A. employees are LOUSY.  LOUSY at their jobs.   I like my Doctor and my Nurse, but the rest of them are very dodgy in quality.  Social Service workers who are ill informed as to how the social security system works.  Social workers who just hand you a printout of where food banks are.  They are very ill informed.

I HAVE got some very good care there.  Yep, they’ve done a good job on a few occasions.  In the USA you have to have your eyes wide open for the fine print- or else you are a dead duck.  I mean literally- dead. The wait time at the VA is far shorter than Truman.  It is very short there.    BUT..the VA is very jam packed.. very busy.  It is busier than even Truman East, maybe.

The USA is a scary damn place.  You never know what you are going to get.  Maybe, it is better than I think.  I hope it is.

“As Soon as there is Life, there is Danger”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Bambi and Fred move out, and they are in my prayer list every night.  It feels good to pray for people,  for people you do not know, and most of all,  for people you dislike.  Many a person who I have disliked, has turned out to be a good human being.   People’s lives are checkered.  Here a good deed, and there a sin.

God forgives people, but men never do.  Especially the IRS. 


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