There is so much needless- tragedy and drama.  They are burning up Ferguson, MO right now, and MORE tragedy will come from that!  If someone, would have backed off SOMEWHERE along the line none of it would have happened.

All in all, it was over a damn pack of nasty cigars.   Then, a string of fateful, and bad decisions, but that is the way life goes.  That kid ended up dead- over a pack of cigars.

I got my own hill to climb, my own problems.  At any point, during a day’s decisions, we can really shoot ourselves in the foot.

I like Marianne Williamson’s ideas the best, and listen to her lectures.  My sister is holding her own, but she has had a bad illness in her pancreas.  My own diabetes and other problems,  my brother’s back..we are just limping along!

It’s that money, that money, that money!  I am cowering in fear of the parking ticket lady, but there isn’t shit I can do, until I get my personal property tax paid and all that bullshit.

On top of it all, it is HAMMER.. HAMMER the poor!  Let’s be thankful, as we HAMMER the poor into the pavement.

It has always been so.  Thank God this time, this time now, is not one of the worst in history, nor the worst areas.  Eh.. it could be a little better, but I got that Thanksgiving turkey- done deal!  And got a ham too.  Now not to mess them up!

My Latest Motion Comics

It is FUN making these, and I am working with other software to make Visual Novels, Graphic Novels, and games.   This is the Asylum series, taken from a composite of mental hospitals from 1900-1970.  A strange history indeed.

Asylum Episode 1

Asylum Episode 2

Asylum Episode 3

Asylum Episode 4

Asylum Episode 5

Asylum Episode 6

Asylum Episode 7

Asylum Episode 8

The “not so good old days” in the USA.  The USA’s dark, dark history that no one wants to admit to.

The Churches on Thanksgiving

The church giving out food packets. People always think that they just give out huge amounts of free, gourmet food. Then, these cadillacs come and pick it up.

Eh.. how about a couple cans of tuna fish and some canned vegetables and old bread? How about they are walking down there, and some like KC have a lot of trouble walking?

Many people have trouble walking, but they got to walk anyways, to get their can o’ tuna.

A few people bullshit the churches,  say they have a large family.  Actually, this is quite common but I don’t.  Dunno why.  I guess it is because if they are kind enough to give me some stuff,  well I am not going to repay them with lies.

Many people DO have families, and they have their little kids with them.  Yep.

“Better to be fooled 30 times, than let one man go hungry”- Charlie Chan.

It used to be, you could get as much bread as you wanted.  Much of it was going old, but hey, it was free, but not anymore.

The point is.. people always say (and I used to think),  you can get everything free.  Maybe you used to, but boy not around here.  Meat is going through the roof.   In the inner city, things are down to the BONE.

WHOOP.  The thanksgiving meals were GOOD.  I got frozen chicken, rolls, vegetables, man.. my cup runneth over!  KC is too sick to get hers, they wouldn’t trust me to pick up hers.

KC still too sick, I will find her something.  She’s too ill to eat, doesn’t want food.

Where are the REAL Doctors?

Where are- the REAL doctors?  The ones that give a shit if you live, or if you die?  It is scary going to the hospital.  What do I think about doctors?  They’re into money,  just like everyone else.

Elvis Presley’s Doctor got paid off good, like everyone else who was around the King.   But he did Elvis in by indulging him.  Over 8,900 pills, vials, and injectables in a 7 month period.  Dilaudid, Quaalude,  Percocet, etc.  Poor Elvis would get injected before concerts, and had doctors in Las Vegas fly him in even more drugs.  The scrips alone work out to over 40 pills a day.

At the hospitals it is like you are being sent to the tire shop,  no, send him to the machine shop, and heh,  make sure you get his insurance information.

In backward states like Missouri they don’t got to worry if they fuck you up, it’s almost impossible to sue.

It’s all the money,  that’s all anyone wants.

Cold as a Billy

Cold as a billy..and people seem edgy, some of them in evil temper.  As usual, the world is in turmoil.  Everything changes, every second in the world.  A fight starts in the St. John Market.

That’s ‘cos they sell that nasty liquor in there.  I did not see how far it escalated, but split as it started, along with several other customers.  People are crazy, most of them.  Full of wild ideas, and that booze is like pouring gasoline onto a fire.

These women started arguing over a remark that one of them made, that was not even in reference to the other woman.   I dunno if they actually started to fight,  I split out the door when it started.

A lot of people are like fuse, just waiting to be lit.  Man, it is scary.

The parking ticket lady out there.  A couple people got expired tags around here. Because it cost so much money to license their cars in Kansas SHitty.

What they do then is write a ticket for “having no license plates.” (rather than the cheaper “expired tags” ticket.)

No one around here is political..they just shrug their heads and say..”it doesn’t even matter who you vote for, it’s all the same.”

The name of the game is… “let’s keep whoppin’ the poor!”

Maybe others have the right idea.  Democrat?  Republican?  All anyone wants is the fuckin’ money.

If the money were going to a decent cause, like food and shelter for the poor, which is direly needed around here,  I wouldn’t be so upset.  But it’s probably for that strange game they have on Sundays, where a bunch of incredibly rich young men throw a piece of leather to each other, and a bunch of old men get incredibly rich off of that.

Viva Los Mexicanos

I go to Pablo’s over on St. John.  I feel guilty because I have been going over to Flor De Chiapas.  I really like Pablo.  His wife and son are there with him.  These are just wonderful people, at least in my book!

I had one of his Tortas.  I have only had the Tortas a couple times.  Torta= Mexican sandwich.  Served on a bolilo roll.. a big roll, they are BIG.. not as big as a football, but getting close.  Bigger than a sub.

I tried the Milanesa Torta for the first time.  Man- the bomb.  The bread very good..VERY good.  They toast them on the grill, slap beans and cheese on them.  Pablo must search out his vegetables well,  ‘cos his tomatoes are just great.  With crema agria,  avocado, it is the best Torta I’ve had.  He’s a one man operation.

Milanesa, is like Italian steak, but it is not spicey.  It is cooked on grill, not deep fried so it is not greasy.   He gets $6 for them, they are well worth it.  You can always negotiate with him, but I never do.  Fair price, good bargain.   Everything very fresh, he don’t skimp like some places do.

People like Pablo and his little family are always in my prayers, ALWAYS.

There is a diligence and earnestness about them, it is very beautiful.

Like crabs in a barrel people out there this cold night.  I do not believe how people survive.  This shit is never on the “news”.

Like Turkeys that will vote for the Pilgrims on Thanksgiving… like chickens, that will vote for Colonel Sanders!

When I was driving a truck I used to go to the Slaughterhouses down in Texas.  Man..them hogs KNEW what was goin’ on when they got herded up that ramp and into the building to have their throats cut.

Not so with the American people.  You could sell them day for night.  Sell them poison and call it “vitamins.”

Downloadable HOGS Free

I go to My Downloadable Games.com.  KC loves these games and it keeps her out of trouble.  I am like the “Johnny Appleseed” of computers, at least for these people.  They are too poor to be in the loop of the Online world.

Boy these games are good.  They used to cost $50 when they first came out.  Now they are free, and are much improved.

The HOG is the “Hidden Object Game” but now they have mini puzzles, AND a interesting storyline.  Before I did not like them,  they were just “hunt and find”.   They got boring after a while.   These have the storyline, which much improves them.

Keeps KC occupied for hours.  I teach her how to use her laptop, the internet, etc,  she does my dishes and lots of other tasks.  Cooks for me,  helps me get around.

Mendicants in Trouble

One poor unfortunate in stir, for trespassing at the Union Pacific.  The poor wretches got a camp somewhere down there, in this freezing cold.

They’re the bums that don’t matter,  ain’t on the radar, and no matter what happens- they get the worst end of the stick.

This night I am warm and thanking God for it.  The republicans win the Mid Terms and I am afraid.  My father was always afraid of the republicans.  Shit he worked two jobs, everything, but he hated the republican party.

This is not the America that was promised to it’s citizens.  These people are almost always Americans that go way back, some back to Native Americans, and they get crapped on as surely as a beggar in India,  Nicaragua, or any third world country.

Everyone likes to pick on ‘em.  The poor hate the poor, so when a poor person who has a crib, but little else,  sees the street ones, well their nose is in the air.  They get beaten,  injured badly, and no one notices or says shit.  They are gossipy, snoopy and snippy as Aunt Bee in Mayberry, RFD.

The street, and the people milling around on it, is often like a wolf pit.  People will get beat up in the bus stop for what they have, which is often very little.   Maybe a few dollars.

I hate CNN, and the news in general.  They act like they have just “discovered” that houses have roaches in them,  that there is crime, and that people suffer.  They act like someone committing suicide is this big news, that THEY CNN or KCMO, or whatever, they just “uncovered it.”

And that it is so SURPRISING, when the shit hits the fan.

I pray for people, but they do not even know it.   But you are leery of them.  They’re so out of it, could be so desperate, they might hurt you.  People can hurt you if they are desperate over their job, just about anything.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t feel sorry for people.  Many people, like this person, are hard core dopers.  They will do anything for that shit.  Estranged from their families,  with a lot of problems.  I have my own problems,  but it is frightening to see the things that happen to people around here.


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