Typical Northeast

I take KC to the Family Dollar.  We are driving down the road I hear the sirens with KC telling me impatiently, “they are way up at the other end!”   A car starts honking then zips past us,   I think that is just because I am driving slow.  Well,  a cop is right behind us,  so KC says..”he’s chasing him!”  So I pull over,  KC lecturing me that I could have got us shot.  Later, we find out this dude was probably fleeing after firing shots at some people at the Van Brunt car wash.

It is a TYPICAL day of trying to solve problems, while being leery of activity around here.   All of the convenience stores that are cheap,  have the most congregation of drug addicts,  thugs, etc, such as Fast Stop on Indiana and Independence Avenue.

You might say I am depressed.

The poor are hammering each other,  and the cops are hammering the poor, who are hammering each other.  Poor people are often not very nice.  NO ONE, is nice.

The poorest treat one another worse than anyone does,  and will rob each other for extremely small amounts of money, often giving a beating to boot.

Don’t have the money to move away from here.   I want to go to Mexico and be a medical tourist,  to soak in the Mineral Hot springs, because I flat out like the doctors down there better than here.    All of my family’s health ranges from bad, to very bad.   We are dying like the Last of the Mohicans.   American health care is like being plugged into a machine.  I told one doctor.. “I want you to LOOK at me.  LOOK at me!”  They just sit there and twink on a computer.   Going to the doctor in the USA is a impersonal experience,  even though they are going to be more intimate with your body than anyone you have ever met.

Politicians argue and rage.   Obama has been good for the sick and elderly,  but the IRS still hammers the poor workers..it’s like we are just being clobbered from every side.    I like Obama,  I like the Democrats better than the Republicans.

Where is sanity?  Where is a peaceful place on this earth?   There are probably lots of them,  you just got to HAVE THAT MONEY.    It surely is not going to happen living in my home state of “Misery.”

LATER This night.. Over on Bellafountaine ANOTHER hassle is happening,  and I don’t even want to know what it is.  Cop cars all over,  even the TVee truck.   I am so depressed I am not curious anymore.  KC wants to find out what it is.. man.. I am sick of it.   SICK of IT.


I go to the Fast Stop to get some stuff.  Well,  someone at the bus stop there gets hit upside the head and robbed.   The clerk was out there,  it must have been very bad.  Sometimes a ball bat, sometimes a brick and it is nothing to sneeze at.   *groann*  It is SCARY living around here.  Downright scary.  Now for a evening,  ‘safe’ inside, watching old Charlie Chan movies.

You get lulled..thinking things are safe, and all is well.  Then,  something bad happens.

The Poor and the IRS

Most people get into trouble with the IRS by Non Filing.  It happens to the wealthy, and to the poor.  But get this- they don’t care HOW little you have, they will just be at your bank account.    Someone I know this happened to, then they call me.  I give them my advice:  “WELL FILE YOUR FUCKIN’ TAXES.”  

No one cares if it is unfair.  You ain’t gonna be a hero by protesting.  People will just watch them steam roll RIGHT OVER YOU.

The IRS does have mechanisms for dealing with problems, but YOU MUST DEAL WITH THEM..and don’t start giving them shit!

Go ahead, be a protester.  Find out what happens!  No one will give a fuck if they “disappear” you.   I negotiated out of some problems many years ago.  People act like I am in the frickin’ mafia or something!  Like I’ve got this genius knowledge.

The tax system is unfair, it’s unfair as the dickens, but that is not going to get you out of it.   In the USA, half the time we are dealing and negotiating, with this CRAP.   But you HAVE to play the game,  unfortunately.

It’s like you are in a sea of sharks, really.    Freedom?  You could’ve fooled me.   I read the stories of Kim Basinger,  Grand Funk Railroad and Terry Knight,  Michael Jackson.   How people are AT one another,  morning, noon, and night.

So anyways.. FILE your taxes- whoever you are!

Saturday Night Pizza

Just got one of these, a Sausage and Pepperoni Thin Crust.  Giant 16″ Pizza for $5.99.   You bake these at 375F for 11-15 minutes.  Mine got done in about 12 minutes.  I macked it up with green olive, slices of tomato,  some Italian shredded cheese, and canned mushroom.  I also sprinkled bacon bits on it.

It’s got loads of meat on it, so it don’t need sausage or extra pepperoni.   I only put a little cheese on it.  You can’t add too much or it won’t get done.   I like “tomatoey” tasting pizza, so I sliced up 1 roma tomato and put it on there.   The cheese was Aldi Italian Shredded cheese.  It’s got Asiago, Mozzarella,  and Parmesan in it.   It’s tangy,  and a good “mack up” cheese for cheap frozen pizzas.

Verdict?  The BOMB boy that sucker was good!  The thin crust frozen pizza is a lot better, and this was no different.  Actually- these are not quite frozen, but in a cooler.  Mercy that sucker was good and a great value.  Will make this again- and again.  It is better than most local pizzarias around here.

I had their Meat Lover,  smaller,  normal crust before.   Eh, it was just o.k.  But this thin crust one,  that thing was great.

Every day.. it is SURVIVAL.  I call KC to check that she has some food.  Yeah FOOD!  Heck I don’t got no sexy girl friend.  “Sexy” as in- let’s have something to eat.   Gotta go back to the VA and have some stuff checked.. my arm is stiff and sore after I had it rebuilt,  but it’s been 2 years.  I take tabs of sulfur, that helps it.

KC has lupus, and her shoulder is messed up bad where here creepo- “boyfriend” slammed her into those french doors.  This why we don’t let people in our crib in Northeast.  She got beat up so many times I cannot even count.  A patch of her hair won’t grow back where one of them creeps pulled it out.. it gets sore and all scabby.

I can’t sort out her problems, I got a lot of my own!  BUT she can come over tonight and I will share this big old Pizza I got at the Aldis.   It’s one o’ those Take N Bake jobs..and KC will like it.

I may be a toad in real life.. but on the internet I can be as graceful as I want.   Well not as graceful as some others, and there are so many!  “Music tells us we are greater than we know.”  Now I am listening to Grayson Hugh, who had many hits,  then disappeared.  He’s like a white soul singer, if you must put him in a bag,  eh he’s great.  I’d like to see him play with Candy Dulfer. 

Well she’s a little too funky for him,  but they might sound great.   It’s that GRACE.. to be graceful.   Or at least, try to fake it a little.


Gunshots at Night

A couple gunshots.  The cops cruising around and helicopters.  I talk to one woman who booted a woman staying with her, ‘cos she found needles.. syringes.  You have to be careful around Northeast.  This is why people will not take the homeless in.   Many of them can be dangerous.  ANYone can be dangerous around here,  even the store clerks.   People have ruthless attitudes.

There is something to be said for looking after yourself,  but cooperation with others can bring many benefits.   There is a saying,  “you cannot help others without helping yourself.”   This is often true,  but on the other hand,  you can get into bad situation if you make the wrong choice.

Many drug addicts around here have charming personalities,  they are not bad at all,  except when the demon gets ahold of them.   Then,  that demon comes first in their life.   Ahead of the kids,  family,  whoever, and whatever.

So,  society is unstable around here,  and in the Suburbs too.   It is bad for the kids.

Where is the Love?

That is my take on it.  People they fight all the time.  The families fight.  Why have sex?  Your sexual partner or spouse often is like the “black widow”.    Oh what a wonderful thing man can be!  But dangerous?  He’s the most dangerous thing on earth.

Even the rockstars fight!  Those dudes you thought were so COOL.. turned out to be as fake as the Wizard of Oz.   Greedy..propped up by drugs and alcohol..even murderous.   Sports heroes turn out to be these arrogant swine- even murderers.

I like a good cat, that is what I like.

Boy I get into these.  You can get the big bakers for 70 cents a pound, then invest in some sour cream, bacon bits, can o’ mushroom stems and pieces, and some frozen broccoli.  Plus cheese, whatever you might have on hand.

Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the price is right.

You don’t have to be a gourmet to cook ‘em.  No Foil wrap,  just rub oil all over them and lots of salt,  put cuts all over them to let the steam out.

Tasty, and satisfying for hours.

See the GOOD in People

I like Marianne Williamson’s attitudes.  How I love philosophy’s sweet milk!  I often plunge into depression.. but there is much good in people.  Everything I do taste, or see, has been touched by someone’s hand.  All the “no brainer” stuff,  actually has hours and even ages of thought.

There is great beauty in most trivial things we experience every day.

Someone treats you like shit?  Eh..the next guy or gal treats you good.


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